Wickenburg, AZ

We are now camped about 6 miles south of Wickenburg, at Box Wash (Vulture Peak Trailhead area.) There’s a vault toilet at the end of the road, and several campsites off to the sides. We ended up in the very large parking lot nearer the road.  I first went and checked out the campsites at Vulture Peak Road off Vulture Mine Road, and there were some nice ones, but there were signs everywhere saying “No Trespassing” and “State Land Trust, permit required”. I called the phone number to find out about permits but nobody ever called m back. There were people camped there and I wonder if they were trespassing, or if they got the permit.  Anyway, we’re happy where we are. Looks like the weather might be good here for the next week or so.


What a cute town! One of the first things we did was to go to Nana’s Sandwich Shop (thank you Cousin April!) for pie. When we walked in the door, the guy said “We’re closed!” and then when we said we just wanted some pie to go, he got nicer. I got berry cream pie and Deb got coconut cream. The man also gave us two huge pieces of caramel pecan sticky buns! Oh man, the pies were sooo good! I’m going back today to see what’s on offer…hoping for lemon meringue.  I am sitting in front of the library using their wifi signal; it’s 76 degrees and sunny, with a nice breeze. Perfection.

Here’s our new neighbor…..he runs the generator a lot, probably so he can sit inside and watch his TV. He tows a big trailer for the BMW.


Another neighbor we met is a very nice lady living her Honda mini-van. She has a very rare neurological disorder that makes her “environmentally intolerant” of any electrical signals, cell signals, really an amazing array of things. She can’t use a computer or cellphone. She can’t be around electric motors at all; she even has to unhook her car’s battery when she’s not using it! After going to town, she is sick for a whole day. And of course she also has celiac disease on top of that. She can’t cook because she also can’t tolerate propane, so she eats raw foods. Imagine having to avoid all that stuff in this day and age! She is living in her car because that’s the only “safe” place for her, and of course she has to be very careful where she parks.

This is our view in the “golden hour”, that early evening light that washes everything golden:DSCN2277

We had a beautiful sunset last night….aside from the part that looked like it was on fire, there were lovely pink clouds about 270 degrees all around!







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Lovely sunset photo. I enjoy following your blog. I owned an Aliner for 5 years & really liked it. I still belong to the Facebook Aframe group. Have a small 15′ trailer now and hope to bring it to Arizona in the future.


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