Kingman, AZ

We left the 85 degrees heat of Wickenburg on Wednesday and only drove about 15 miles, to the North Ranch Escapees RV park in Congress. It was hot there too but I wanted to use their $5 dry camping (for members; $12.50 for non-members) and take a shower. I haven’t had a shower since I was at my cousin’s house in January, so I probably was about due for one, LOL. While I was in the shower, someone exited the other part of the bathroom and turned out the light….it was pitch dark in there!  I had to grope around and fumble for my flashlight, and I dropped it on the floor but finally got it to light and found the light switch. Sheesh!  I really wanted to do laundry there too, it was only $1.25 for wash or dry. But I didn’t want to unhook the car and drive over there, and it would have been too much to carry all my shower stuff plus the laundry in one trip.  With my knee hurting so much, I knew one trip was all I had in me.  Deb was able to use their dump station, buy propane, fill up her water tanks and have a shower.

This morning we were headed for cooler temps in Wikieup, but when we got there it still seemed way too hot so we just got gas for an outrageous $2.19 a gallon (the two gas stations up the road wanted $2.99!) and headed to Kingman. We found a GREAT campsite just off a paved road, with trees and shade and a 4G ATT wifi signal and pretty good Verizon signal!  And it’s higher elevation here so seems to be 5-6 degrees cooler here than in Kingman which I think is about 10 miles up the road. At I-40 Exit 59 you head south on DW Ranch Road and go about 3 miles, it’s on the left before you get to the private residences.  There’s space here for lots of RV’s, though there’s a dip that I scraped bottom on a little bit. ( I do not have a high clearance vehicle)

Here’s the new view out my door. Yes, it’s just a tree. But how wonderful to have a TREE after all that desert camping!


Here’s the view looking the other way. More trees; aren’t they wonderful?!!



And here’s poor Princess Roxie, still having Bad Hair Days in the dry air here. Looks like she stuck a toe into an electric outlet!




2 replies on “Kingman, AZ”

Oh, the princess looks adorable–no wild hair day. I think the little foo foo dogs look better when they’re not all beautified. I like them natural. I liked Kingman. Great train town. If I remember correctly, it was either Kingman or Flagstaff that had outdoor concerts every night. Shower: All I can say, Janis, is that you are a calamity waiting to happen. I think that should be your nick name. Calamity Janis instead of Jane. 🙂 Hi to Deb.


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