Flee, Fly!

There seem to be a lot of flies in the desert, and they all think my legs are quite the tastiest things around. No, they don’t bite, but I imagine them licking…ewwww!  So I sit in my lawn chair with fly swatter in hand, and try to whack them as they land. TRY being the operative word here…I have the world’s worst aim! But I sure can scare them half to death. And in case you’re wondering, yes it DOES hurt to smack yourself with a flyswatter! I really do wonder why flies, ticks, fleas and mosquitoes were ever created.

This morning I woke up at 6 a.m. to the cheerful twittering or some diabolically evil little birds outside my window.  6 a.m., are you kidding?! I couldn’t get back to sleep and soon Roxie was clamoring to go outside so I got up and got going. I was all done with breakfast by 7:30!!  Boy I hope THAT never happens again!!

It was very windy yesterday! We had a visit from our environmentally-intolerant friend Cheryle, and discussed ways of cooking without using electricity or propane. It pretty much narrows it down to a solar cooker. I wonder if I could bake bread in a solar oven, and how much space it takes up. Here is Deb pretending to get close to poor Cheryl, who is allergic to everything and doesn’t go near people! Her clothes are very loose because she’s lost 160 lbs. and can’t really afford to buy new clothes. When she does get new clothing, it has to be washed many times in baking sofa before she can wear them. She can’t buy used clothing because it’s been washed in detergent, and the residue will never come out enough for her to tolerate it. She’s a really sweet lady and we wish we could do more to help her.


The sunset last night was gorgeous, with the brooding cloud formations reflecting the light.


I saw two of these little birdies this morning; maybe they are the evil little chirpers that woke me up; I’m not sure. They are  Curve-Billed Thrashers.


It’s a couple days later as I’m finishing up this post. Bernii arrived yesterday in her new luxurious PleasureWay van camper……now that’s really living!!


Today Deb and I went rock-hunting for geodes and crystals at a site near Wickenburg. I tromped around for about 10 minutes, whacking away with my rock hammer at rocks that looked like they kinda-sorta might be geodes, but finding nothing. I went back to the car because I didn’t want to overdo my knee, and while I was there waiting for Deb to return, a guy on an ATV came by and asked if I needed help. I told him my friend was looking for rocks and he jumped off his ATV and showed me the turquoise he’d found near there. And he gave me a piece of it!  So when Deb returned, I was able to brag about the cool turquoise I got by Doing Absolutely Nothing To Deserve It!


And here’s a photo of a cool bubbly rock that’s in front of my camper. I guess I will take it with me in case our friend Jeanne wants it.  It’s too big for me to collect; I can only do really little rocks.


And here’s tonight’s sunset. Not so intense, but still very pretty in pink.





9 replies on “Flee, Fly!”

“wonder why flies, ticks, fleas and mosquitoes were ever created.” SO WE CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LIFE AND AFTER LIFE?


I don’t really have the space to tote along a big cast iron oven, nor the desire to fool around with charcoal fires. I do have a nice ceramic-coated one for inside cooking, and I keep telling myself I need to try to make bread in it!


I know how you feel. For me, I was concerned about the weight factor. So we bought two anodized aluminum smaller dutch ovens. One we have in our RV at all times, and the other we bring along only if we will be camping with a group. The AA one is safe, and light weight. We have never used charcoal when camping, but use wood instead and produces a very hot and controllable fire. When we tent camp, the dutch oven is our only cooking pot and use for everything from breakfast to dinner.


That cool bubbly rock could be a geode. They often look like that, then when they are broken open, there are crystals inside.


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