Happy Anniverary To Us

It’s the first anniversary of Roxie’s and my move from Ecuador back to the U.S.!  We both think it’s been a pretty good year, all in all.

We have a new family member, a little green pepper plant! I’m not usually big on naming things but somehow I felt she needed a name, so….it’s “Vegamite”!  “Veggie” for short.  Is that nuts?  Yeah, I’m afraid so. Anyway I hope I can keep her happy and alive with all the moving around we do.

I’ve been going to the Payson Library to use their free internet. I’ve never seen this before; in the kid’s book room they have a big-person door and a short little-person door!!  So cute!


Yesterday we stopped off at the little dog park. At first there was just a little Yorkie in the small & not active dogs section, then two big labs came (they were old so it was OK) Roxie enjoyed the freedom, I think, but she didn’t play with any of the dogs.

I’ve been trying to substitute yogurt for ice cream, since my fridge does not have a freezer.  I can tell you that it definitely is not the same at all. 😦

We are moving tomorrow, I think to Clints Well Campground near Happy Jack, AZ. It’s a higher elevation, around 7000′ and the nights will be in the high 30’s but I think it’ll be OK, my little heater does a pretty good job.



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