Sedona Again

We’re back in Sedona! Well, we’re boondocking about halfway between Sedona and Cottonwood, again off Red Canyon Road (FR525) but we have a nicer spot than I had last time. We got here yesterday, a very hot day (89 degrees!) and found a nice camp off a little side road. We didn’t have shade for the campers but there were nice shady areas where we could sit.  Spent a restless night because it was TOO HOT! Wow, that’s unusual! The low was 56 and my camper stayed around 65. Normally that’d be fine but I guess I’ve gotten used to sleeping quite a bit colder than that.  As I drove up to that first site, a little herd of antelope was across the street! They have really good camouflage, don’t they!DSCN1840

This morning a man came up and said we couldn’t camp there; there was a teeny sign down near the road, in a driveway that was blocked off, that said No Camping more than 30′ from the road.  He said the BLM guys had been coming around every other day or so and the fines were $300! So we hustled out of there and Deb scouted out this new site. It’s even better….we have a nice big shade tree that shades two of the three campers. Deb is especially happy because she can get about 20 TV stations here, so she can watch her  special program, Scandal. It was very windy again today, 20-25 mph sustained winds. Every time we get up out of our lawn chair, it blows right over.  That gets old in a hurry, especially if you’ve forgotten and left a drink or camera in the chair pockets.  Here’s Deb pulling a tree branch back so Jeanne can get her slide out.DSCN1842

Little Veggie, what a good little car-rider she is! Never a peep out of her.   DSCN1843

I went to town and finally did my laundry, got rid of the garbage and bought some water in the dispenser machines. It’s $.30 a gallon here, Highway Robbery! (It’s usually $.25) I think tomorrow we’ll go see Old Town Cottonwood and Jerome.

We have a camp follower….this crow insists we feed him!  He yells at us if we don’t. So we’ve given him a little bread, and I gave him some nice healthy sweet corn and Deb threw him some popcorn. Just like a kid…he went for the popcorn instead of the healthy stuff!  On the other hand, she also gave Princess Roxie some of that popcorn (store-bought) and of course she didn’t eat it. She only likes home-made popcorn with lots of butter! If I offer her a piece that doesn’t have enough butter on it, she’ll turn her nose up and wait for a properly buttered piece.DSCN1850





6 replies on “Sedona Again”

Hi. I’ve been reading your blog for a while. If you need a free place to park in the up you are welcome at my house. We are just off us 2 an hour west of the bridge. I’m not being generous. I would love to meet you and pick your brain lol. Thanks for sharing your travels. I am hoping to get out there within 2 years. Nora


Hi it’s nora. Probably about 15 minutes past naubinway on the road to curtis. I am serious. You would be welcome to stop and if your traveling with friends they would be as well. Nora


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