Bryce Canyon Day 3

We went to the two grocery stores in Bryce Canyon City, Ruby’s and also Foster’s on Hwy. 12. BOY they sure are proud of their groceries….unbelievable prices!  $8 for a box of cereal, $8 for those 1# propane cylinders, $8 for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, $1.99 for a soft drink.  Definitely a good idea to bring everything you need with you to visit the national parks! Trouble is, we’re on our 3rd park in a row and we are running low on some stuff.

Hey have you seen the new Bounty paper towels with Dawn detergent embedded in them? It’s water-activated…great for washing dishes while camping! It’s quite expensive though, I saw a pack of 3 rolls at a “normal” grocery store back in Sedona for around $8.  It wouldn’t be too bad if you could split the pack with a couple friends, it sure looks handy.

There is a big bad black cloud right over our heads, and it’s starting to thunder. Poor Princess Roxie hates that! She is snuggling with me on my bed….she only gets on the bed when she’s really scared.

Deb’s mouse and his wife have gone to a better place. We hope they haven’t left any children behind!

We took the park shuttle today to finish up seeing the points we missed yesterday.  I loved this twisted old tree!  tree

On the way back to camp we saw a pronghorn by the side of the road. With no pronghorns.  He looked pretty scruffy, I think he’s shedding his winter coat.



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Great post and photos. I loved the comment about Mr. Mouse and his wife and hoping they didn’t leave any kids behind. Well, have I a story to tell you. Years ago, I used to (note the words, “used to”) collect fast food napkins by putting them in the glove box. Hey, I figured that they would come in handy and I was saving money by saving them. Well, one day, while our pickup truck was parked in the driveway, I saw a mouse run out from under it. I didn’t think anything of it. We pulled out the truck, hooked up our travel trailer and took off to the mountains for a week of camping. A couple of days into our camping trip, we decided to take a drive up the mountain just to sightsee. Needing a napkin, I opened the glove box and to my complete surprise were six little mice looking back at me, all in a neat little row tucking into the napkins that were now nicely shredded. I slammed the glove box shut so fast, my husband said, “what?!”. I said, “there’s a bunch of baby mice in our glove box!”. He pulled over and we scooped them up and threw them out into the woods! The former city mice suddenly, without their consent, became country mice! OMG! They were big enough to support themselves as they scurried off for cover. I thoroughly searched the glove box for more, but found none. We continued on our way, but when we got back to our camping spot, I told my husband, I’m going to check one more time and wouldn’t you know it! There was one little guy looking back at me. I scooped him up and threw him out into the bushes and off he scurried. Needless to say, I completely emptied the glove box and got under it and looked up just to be sure there were no others hanging on. From that day forward I have not saved a scrap, not one fast food napkin!


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