On The Road Again

We are on the road again, a whole lot poorer after the $693 alternator & battery replacement. Made it to Santa Rosa State Park (NM) on Tuesday and splurged on a campsite with electricity for $14. Today drove 6+ hours in pouring rain most of the way and we are camped at a free city park in Elk City, OK. It’s supposed to have electricity but it doesn’t work at my site. It’s right on a nice little lake, it’d be very pretty if it wasn’t still raining so hard. It’s so tiring, driving in hard rain….can’t use the cruise control and have to go even slower than usual.  When the speed limit is 75 and you’re going 58, everyone seems to fly past!  Looks like 3 more driving days til we get back to Asheville….ugh!


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If you are coming to the Dallas Fort Worth area give me a call 817-988-2486 I can give you a free camping spot


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