Mackinaw City, MI

After a grueling 6 day drive back to NC to get my car inspected & tags renewed, I spent a few days resting up and doing chores and then another pretty awful drive up to southern Michigan. I parked the camper in a friend’s driveway (Thank you Tam & Ron!).  It was nice to have electricity for almost two weeks, but now I’m spoiled and I’ll have to learn to live without my toaster and microwave again.

This morning I left and drove up to Mackinaw City, about as far north as you can go in Michigan without going over the Mackinac Bridge. It rained most of the way, ugh! I intended to leave tomorrow but decided to come on up, and I’m glad because I snagged the last available free campsite (there are only 6)! It’s a very nice site too, not far from the lake access and very large.  It would be perfect except there are billions of mosquitoes here and they are HUNGRY!! I have not even unhooked or leveled the trailer; I just unplugged the power cord, threw the roof & walls up and came inside. I’ll have to spray down with repellent and go back out before dark; if I tried to sleep in it as is I’d probably roll right out of bed!   Or maybe I’ll try to sleep as is anyway, because I don’t know where the good light may be for solar, with the sky 100% clouds today. I may need to move the camper. DSCN6283

I am thinking to stay here the full 14 days allowed, though the bugs may drive me nuts before then.  There are some delinquent tax sale properties I want to look at near here and also about an hour south that I want to look at before I go over the bridge to the U.P.  And I want to meet up with some of my old school friends who live in this area too.  Tomorrow I will try to put up my screen room; haven’t done it before but it’s supposed to be very quick and easy.

Veggie is having a baby! Maybe. Junior was growing nicely but got a hole pecked in him yesterday…..not sure what that’ll do. Maybe I’ll make him a band-aid.  Poor Veggie had a very hard time travelling for 6 days straight; she miscarried all her other little baby buds. I guess peppers are not meant to be travelers.DSCN6279

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14 Responses to Mackinaw City, MI

  1. Linda, high in CO at 8500' says:

    Good to hear from you. Seems you have been very busy. Hope that you can relax at your new campsite. How is Roxie doing?


  2. Marsha says:

    We drove from southern MI over the bridge and are now near Manistique. Rain, rain, and more rain.

    Where did you find a free campground? Hope things get better with the bugs, but with all this rain I think they’re your new friends.

    Safe travels.


    • janispaqu says:

      There are a number of free campsites in northern MI, most of them in the U.P. I am at a place near Wilderness State Park, just 6 sites. No picnic tables or any other niceties, just a free place to camp, and a campfire ring. Check out www,

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  3. ReneeG says:

    Thanks for your update! Wow! You’ve driven quite a distance. The poor mama was stressed by the trip too and dropped her little buds! Well, could just be a combination of climate change and watering. I hope so. Anyway, one last question for you. Are you able to access RV Sue’s web blog? I have not been able to the last day or two. I’m asked for a login. Hmmm??. Please let me know. Thanks!


    • janispaqu says:

      I think the constant shaking was too much for poor Veggie’s babies. As for Sue’s blog, you’re right! I can’t get in either and was unable to read the last post.


      • Renee Galligher says:

        Well next time, you’ll need to tuck her in somehow.

        Ok. Whew, glad to hear I’m not the only one having problems with Sue’s site. I wonder if she is aware of the problem. If she posts a new update, then realizes no one is answeribg, she’ll know something is up.


  4. janispaqu says:

    That’s for sure…imagine her shock to have made a post and there’s no comments!!! LOL


  5. Mary Jo says:

    So nice to see a post from you again, that was a long break! What a drive. Good luck in your new location.


  6. janispaqu says:

    I noticed that too. It looks like somehow she switched her blog status to “private”. I used to have a blog in Ecuador that was private, and that’s the message people would get if they were not on my list.


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