Mackinaw City, MI

After a grueling 6 day drive back to NC to get my car inspected & tags renewed, I spent a few days resting up and doing chores and then another pretty awful drive up to southern Michigan. I parked the camper in a friend’s driveway (Thank you Tam & Ron!).  It was nice to have electricity for almost two weeks, but now I’m spoiled and I’ll have to learn to live without my toaster and microwave again.

This morning I left and drove up to Mackinaw City, about as far north as you can go in Michigan without going over the Mackinac Bridge. It rained most of the way, ugh! I intended to leave tomorrow but decided to come on up, and I’m glad because I snagged the last available free campsite (there are only 6)! It’s a very nice site too, not far from the lake access and very large.  It would be perfect except there are billions of mosquitoes here and they are HUNGRY!! I have not even unhooked or leveled the trailer; I just unplugged the power cord, threw the roof & walls up and came inside. I’ll have to spray down with repellent and go back out before dark; if I tried to sleep in it as is I’d probably roll right out of bed!   Or maybe I’ll try to sleep as is anyway, because I don’t know where the good light may be for solar, with the sky 100% clouds today. I may need to move the camper. DSCN6283

I am thinking to stay here the full 14 days allowed, though the bugs may drive me nuts before then.  There are some delinquent tax sale properties I want to look at near here and also about an hour south that I want to look at before I go over the bridge to the U.P.  And I want to meet up with some of my old school friends who live in this area too.  Tomorrow I will try to put up my screen room; haven’t done it before but it’s supposed to be very quick and easy.

Veggie is having a baby! Maybe. Junior was growing nicely but got a hole pecked in him yesterday…..not sure what that’ll do. Maybe I’ll make him a band-aid.  Poor Veggie had a very hard time travelling for 6 days straight; she miscarried all her other little baby buds. I guess peppers are not meant to be travelers.DSCN6279


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Good to hear from you. Seems you have been very busy. Hope that you can relax at your new campsite. How is Roxie doing?


We drove from southern MI over the bridge and are now near Manistique. Rain, rain, and more rain.

Where did you find a free campground? Hope things get better with the bugs, but with all this rain I think they’re your new friends.

Safe travels.


There are a number of free campsites in northern MI, most of them in the U.P. I am at a place near Wilderness State Park, just 6 sites. No picnic tables or any other niceties, just a free place to camp, and a campfire ring. Check out www,

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Thanks for your update! Wow! You’ve driven quite a distance. The poor mama was stressed by the trip too and dropped her little buds! Well, could just be a combination of climate change and watering. I hope so. Anyway, one last question for you. Are you able to access RV Sue’s web blog? I have not been able to the last day or two. I’m asked for a login. Hmmm??. Please let me know. Thanks!


I think the constant shaking was too much for poor Veggie’s babies. As for Sue’s blog, you’re right! I can’t get in either and was unable to read the last post.


Well next time, you’ll need to tuck her in somehow.

Ok. Whew, glad to hear I’m not the only one having problems with Sue’s site. I wonder if she is aware of the problem. If she posts a new update, then realizes no one is answeribg, she’ll know something is up.


Well, RVSue posted again and stated that her blog collapsed, but I still can’t get in without being prompted for a login and password!


I noticed that too. It looks like somehow she switched her blog status to “private”. I used to have a blog in Ecuador that was private, and that’s the message people would get if they were not on my list.


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