Homeless or Full-Timer?

Back in April I stayed for about a week at a free campground in Clints Well, AZ. The Camp Host (who was pretty over-zealous) told a story about an old guy who arrived in a beat-up old motor home. He was told that if he was homeless, he could only stay one night. I asked the Host what the difference is between a homeless person and a full-timer??  He didn’t give me an answer but went on to tell me that I was obviously a full-timer. “We don’t want people just living in the national forest full-time”, he said. That really bothered me. Does the difference between homeless and a full-timer have something to do with the age and condition of your camper??? And it’s a National Forest, right….doesn’t that mean it belongs to everyone equally, no matter what their financial status?  *I* was living full-time in the national forests…so what?! As long as I followed the rules and only stayed at a campsite for 14 days at a time, that’s all that should matter. Why shouldn’t the same rules apply to everyone?  That whole conversation still bothers me.

It’s been quite hot for the past couple of days, around 81-82. That’s WAY too hot for me if there’s no electricity to run the A/C, but unlike in AZ where you can just run to a higher or lower elevation to change the weather, this was about the best I could do. Most of the places around me were up closer to 90 degrees. So I toughed it out, sweating and cursing. The temperatures inside the camper got up to 86 both days. What’s worse, this campsite is not very good for solar power. There are small patches of sun that move constantly and that usually also have some patchy shade in them. So I have to keep moving the solar panel and even a tiny amount of shade on it, reduces the power down as much as 80%! So I have to be conservative about the battery power I use. No running the Fantastic Fan for long periods of time!  I can’t wait for the cooler temps to hit, starting tomorrow (high 74, yay!)

I bought some chicken that really needs to be cooked but I couldn’t stand the thought of heating the camper up even more! So I had cold cereal for dinner. I won’t eat it for breakfast, but it makes a fine lunch or dinner occasionally.

So far this has been a very quiet and relaxing campsite, except for the mosquitoes. I dug out my Thermacell and lit it up in the screen room, and have had a nice un-buggy past two days. It’s very effective, just pretty expensive to run for hours on end.



8 replies on “Homeless or Full-Timer?”

Sounds like the camp host was trying to enforce his own rules & morality. It makes me wonder as well, what is the difference between a full-timer & homeless? I’d say someone who is homeless, wants a home but doesn’t have it. A full-timer considers their camper to be their home. That’s more a state of mind than anything else. How is that sort of thing enforceable? There isn’t a thing wrong with living full-time in our national forests. There are USFS rules that must be followed, like moving a certain minimum distance every 14 days, but as long as those are followed it shouldn’t be a problem. And camp hosts shouldn’t decide to make up new rules!


That comment would bother me too! That’s downright discrimination. What? If you have a nice looking, newish RV, it’s ok, in that one persons’ mind, to stay in the national forest, but if you have a beat up old RV, it’s not? Seems to me that the guy with the beat up old RV needed it most and what’s it hurting as long as he leaves the site as clean, or cleaner, than when he arrived. Yes, the national forest belongs to all of us to enjoy. We pay taxes for the use.


totally unfair….I think the whole system runs on the Good Ole Boy system…when campsites not marked as reserved suddenly are…as long as he follows the posted rules the host should have no say! I have found many campground hosts to be quite snooty!


I appreciate you speaking up for all who want to use the public lands and be treated with respect as Americans. I’m catching up on your blog and I like your storytelling. I’m sure God knows where your journey is going…glad you are meeting every daily challenge with wits and ambition. Rock on, Janis and Roxie!


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