Everything’s Just Beachy

We’re still camped at the Lake Huron beach. Someone complained and the Michigan DNR guy came by to investigate. He didn’t know if we were legal or not, but he was very nice and said if we did have to leave, he’d try to find us another free place. After about 15 minutes, he came back and said we were on state land, and we’re legal! Yippeee!  It’s good to KNOW that for sure.  Lots of locals use this pullout for beach access, and there are people coming & going all the time……huge freighters going by way out there, sailboats, Canadian Geese and loons paddling past; all manner of exciting things to look at!  The past few days we have not been sitting outside much though; the flies are vicious! They slash away and draw blood, and the bites itch for days. I guess they don’t bother Roxie, as she loves spending the day outside in her sling bed.

On Wednesday and Thursday the beach was full of kids. The Fundamental Baptist Church bus brought 47 kids and 3 chaperones at a time, dropped them off and came back a couple hours later to pick those up and bring another group! How many kids can there BE around here?!  I’ll tell ya, 47 little boys make a LOT of noise!

We have bought fresh whitefish twice and had fish fries…..oh soooo good! I’m glad Deb likes fish as much as I do; I see a lot of fish dinners coming up this summer. I think I’m going to get a fishing license, then maybe I can supply our own fish.  (For the price of the fishing license, I’ll need to catch of LOT of them!)

We went to the De Tour Botanical Gardens and had a nice time walking around looking at all the flowers & plants. It’s a collection of memorial gardens; a bunch of small plots all planted with different flowers, hostas & ferns. That same day we looked at a piece of auction property near De Tour but it didn’t pass inspection….the ground looked bumpy and it was awfully close to the neighbors and would have required a good bit of bulldozer work.  The next day we looked at 3 more properties a little farther away. One was within 1/2 mile of a state prison, an airport and a speedway!  Ya, no thanks.

We’ll be here until next Wednesday, then we move over to a large national forest dispersed campsite between Rapid River and Manistique, only $4 a night for both of us! There are a few more parcels of land to look at over in that area.

The other day a guy came with his kayak and stopped to talk a bit. He said last year at this same spot, he saw a cougar come up from the lake and go across the road to the woods. Yikes.


4 replies on “Everything’s Just Beachy”

Hi Janis o/
I too will be looking for a nice plot of cheap land in a bit. My housetruck is getting closer to being finished, then I’m off! I’m really interested in your search, so please continue writing about it. 🙂


I sure will! Sometimes you can get real deals in the delinquent tax sales! Each state operates differently…in Michigan if you win the auction, it’s yours. In some others states, the past owner gets up to a year to repay the back taxes and reclaim the property, but if that happens you get your money back plus interest.


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