Lyman Lake

Yesterday we moved to Lyman Lake #5. It is $4 a night with the Geezer Pass, for as many campers as you can cram into the site! (More or less) It MUST be reserved ahead of time though, no walk-ins allowed. It’s considered a dispersed campsite and there are lots of them in this general area, and they are all very populat so you have to plan way ahead. I think I booked this site in February and was lucky to get it. It’s not far from Chicago Lake, where we were last month. So that means about a 50 mile round trip drive to Manistique for groceries, etc. And no wifi signal, though I am getting 1-2 bars of cell service. Deb is still having a lot of battery problems so she opted to go to Camp Seven Lake Campground for 2 nights to get her battery fully charged with an electric site for $13 a night.

Lyman Lake is great!!  Our site is gigantic; there’s room for 8 or 10 campers, as long as they didn’t all require sun for solar power.  And the lake has a nice sandy bottom, so no more creatures from the green lagoon when we swim.  The only drawback so far (besides no wifi signal, and I AM addicted to the internet, you know) is lot of mosquitoes at night. I wish I could figure out how they all find they way into my camper! During the day, our biggest problem with bugs if the big stable flies that are almost an inch long, with sharp teeth!

Here’s the view from my camper door:



There are several steps down to the little swimming beach, and the water is perfectly clear!  DSCN6371

Here’s Roxie in her screen room. She LOVES it out there and never wants to come into the camper!   DSCN6369

I am REALLY going to get the kayak off the car and kayak this lake!!!  Really, I am! And maybe do some fishing from the kayak as well. Free food would be good!


5 replies on “Lyman Lake”

Do you have a link showing the reservation process for this dispersed camping, I couldn’t find any reservation link…just says one can stay 16 days and it’s $8 a night. I plan to visit the UP soon, so I
m trying to get some links to make finding campsites easier, Thanks!

Like’s new website is horrible! Go in thru and they will switch you over to the proper website to make a reservation. For the ones near Manistique, when you get into ReserveAmerica do a search for “Rapid River Dispersed” and you should be able to see all the ones in this area. “Munising Dispersed” is the search term for Hovey Lake, etc. Hope that helps!


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