Still Homeless

Well I didn’t get the property I wanted. It went for $1400 and I bid $1300. I would have bid more but since I’d have to pay for it with a credit card, I really couldn’t afford to. And there’s no telling, maybe that other bidder would have kept going higher and higher anyway. So…I’m disappointed. But thank you for your finger-and-toe crossing!

One of the properties that I had earmarked as interesting was 1.74 acres in Negaunee. It sold for $3500  three days ago and it’s already listed on Craigslist for $15,000!!  Talk about a fast turnaround; the buyer won’t even get his new deed for 30 days!!




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I just bought a folding camp stove oven & 2 books..$104. from Amazon but because I am in Canada I doubt it counts. When I go through the link on your page, Amazon then send me to

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I tried this once thinking I would do a “flip” and that is what you’re up against in these sales…the problem is the people you are up against have bottom less pockets while you are on a fixed budget..they don’t care how much they pay as long as they get it for a price lower than they can relist it at. Here in our town the Sheheen’s, the Cantey’s, and the Davis’s are the wealthy land baron familie s they were all there bidding and they bought every single tract that was up for tax sale. Good luck!


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