Knee Update

Not much to report except that I have an appointment with a sports doc in Marquette on Aug. 30. That was the soonest I could get in to see him, and I wanted this doctor because he may have some non-surgical solutions to my knee problem.

I’ve been keeping the knee elevated and not getting around much at all but yesterday we went to Gladstone for groceries & free wifi at the library. I used the walker and hopped along but I had no idea how much work that is. Today my shoulders are screaming. It seems to me that if you have to use the walker and put most of your weight on it to hop, it’s like repeatedly bench pressing your own weight! And my weight is significant. I need either a lot more upper body strength, or a lot less lower body weight! It also hurt a LOT so I won’t be doing that again any time soon.

We had some really excellent pizza-by-the-slice at Main Street Pizza in Gladstone…only $1.50 a slice, and they’ll add stuff if you want (for a small extra fee). Deb got green peppers, onions and pineapple added to her ham pizza and it still only cost $5 for two big pieces and a small drink!

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5 replies on “Knee Update”

You have all my best wishes. 🙂 I’m glad you are staying off that leg. As I’ve said, I had a torn meniscus and was told that at my age surgery won’t help much, so letting it have a chance to heal, which takes forever! was the best course. Worked for me, so maybe you will heal to. I hope so.


Thanks Parker! I hope so too. I’ve been using an infrared light on it, which helps bring blood flow to the area. That’s that makes meniscus tears difficult to heal; there’s not much blood flow there.


Janis, in March of 2015 I had my left knee replaced, in February of 2016 the right knee. I truly know what you are going through. It’s all about controlling the inflammation. There are holistic ways and medical ways. I won’t give advice, but I will say, whenever you need to whine–you’ll have a willing listener in me. I remember you had a stem cell transplant (correct me if I’m wrong) several years ago and it was successful. Is that an option?


Yes, I had stem cell therapy 4 years ago in the other knee, and it was very successful! I don’t know if it would still be a viable option, as the number of stem cells decline with age. Plus I don’t have the money for that; I don’t know what it costs these days but mine was around $4500 total. It’d be cheaper than getting knee replacement surgery on Medicare, but I don’t have it and have no way of getting that kind of money, so it’s a moot point.


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