To Eat or Not to Eat

I ran the air conditioner all night our first night here and Deb did too. It wasn’t hot, but muggy. When I got up this morning, Intellicast said it was 68 degrees here with 95% humidity!  And it wasn’t raining!  I didn’t know you could have humidity like that without rain. UGH! But the temps are really nice for the next 4 days…in the 60’s, my favorite!  But humidity still running high…85% right now. Yhen last night the temps got down tp 46 degrees and I was freezing with just my sheet and flimsy light blanket!!  My heavier quilt was in the car and I didn’t feel like getting up and limping out there to get it so I stole Roxie’s fleece throw. The forecast was for a low of 55 so I didn’t think I needed extra blankets. the humidity is still high.

OK so I’m not going to say I’m on a DIET (the dirtiest of the 4-letter words) but I am trying to lose weight. I don’t want to be that gigantic woman riding a motorized cart everywhere. Because let’s face it, when you see someone like that, do you think “Oh poor dear, she must have terrible arthritis or a knee injury”? No, you wonder if she lost weight, would she be able to walk. Er…don’t you? I kinda do. However lately I seem to keep slipping towards being her and not me, the girl who’s only chunky, not huge. Especially since I originally hurt my knee in February, I know I’ve gained weight since I don’t actually DO anything any more. My ortho doc in NC told me that for every pound you gain, it puts 20 extra pounds on your knees! Would that be 20# each, or 10# each? I don’t know but either way it’s pretty horrifying. Bring on the Hover-Round. It’s really a Catch 22 situation because once you have limited mobility, it’s way harder to lose weight.

I called a friend tonight and she mentioned buying cans of frosting and eating it with a spoon. Well YUMMO, what a great idea; I love frosting!  (I hate her and I’m never calling her again.)

Another friend told about a way of losing weight where you eat conservatively 5 days a week, and every 3 days or so you eat only 500 calories a day. He’s losing a pound a week and is down 30# so far! Sounds good except I’m pretty sure I could never do a 500 calorie day since I don’t like salads or vegetables. What would that be, one mini Snickers bar?

So I’ve written down some Eating Rules:

  1. Don’t eat anything more after a meal (like dessert) until at least 20 minutes have passed since the last bite. I’ve been setting a timer and it works pretty well; usually after 20 minutes, I can maybe be satisfied with only one cookie, not a whole candy bar or two or three.
  2. A la “The Zone Diet”, try to always eat some fat & protein to balance out the carbs. It slows down the rate of glucose production.
  3. If you want candy, try to just eat a cookie or something not 100% sugar instead. Sometimes that backfires and you eat all kinds of “better” stuff but are never appeased until you eat that one thing you originally wanted.
  4. Don’t buy frosting in a can.
  5. Don’t eat after 10 pm.
  6. Really, don’t eat after 11 pm.
  7. Absolutely no eating after midnight.

I’m sure there must be more good, sensible rules that I’m missing….but I think these are a pretty good start.

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13 replies on “To Eat or Not to Eat”

I have started a low carb diet. Losing weight is slow going but I’m losing. I am having fun looking up low carb alternatives to stuff. Soon as I get my stove so I can cook I’m going to start using almond flour and trying recipes that sound good. And I can even have dessert. I’m not diabetic but could be if I don’t watch it. I also have an app called My Plate that I record my food. I eat about 1200 to 1300 calories a day and my doctor told me 40 carbs per meal and 15 for snack. He also said if I want grits or hash browns at breakfast I can go over for that and cut back on the next meal. You might have fun looking at easy fix low carb recipes too.


Carbs, not calories. By watching the carbs, you automatically reduce the number of calories consumed. I aim for a MAX of 100 carbs a day, but trying to hold at 80. Also, fasting every once in awhile is a good idea. The hunger goes after the first hurdle; don’t feel hungry the rest of the time. Works for my body. Good for you for working on being kind to your knees, it’ll really pay off.


You are hilarious, Jan. Seriously though, I’ve lost a lot of weight and keep it off by eliminating sugar and refined grains, at least till you lost the weight you need to, then you can occasionally have a bite of cake, but not an entire slice. You can do it. It takes a little juggling with the food, but you can still do it. There are veggies out there that you must like or will have to learn to like. Today my lunch was a grilled chicken breast, steamed broccoli, and sliced tomatoes. My snack later was an apple. Lots of water too. Good luck!


I am so darn mad. I left a long comment twice and twice the wifi went out. It was really just a lecture about how losing weight will really help your knees, Janis. I thought I couldn’t do it–I never had to worry about weight in my life until after Rich died when I became inactive. Can you find a motel close by and pay them a couple of dollars to use their pool? I’m eating lean cuisines on this trip–sure wish the pool was working. I’m going to look for motels. I lost a lot of weight. I just didn’t make a big deal out of it. I exercised in the pool and I had no sweets in the house. Fortunately, I live near a Panera. I sometimes, when Susan isn’t around to eat with, get a small salad for lunch and take a large one home (with grilled chicken). I don’t have sweets in the house. Susan, all 105 pounds of her, eats like a horse BUT the right things. I can stay on a diet if I eat the same things every day. I know you don’t want to hear this but losing weight will make your knees feel better. If this doesn’t go through, I’m done for the day.!!!


Hate when that happens! I’ve been on plenty of diets and lost a lot of weight, three times over 60 lbs. It always comes back UNLESS I eat the same things I always eat, and want to eat, just in smaller quantities. I have to lose it very slowly or it just won’t stay off; I know this from past experience. There’s no point in denying sweets when I won’t be able to keep that up after the weight is gone.


You are too funny. Kudos to you for trying and knowing what works for you. I have thirty pounds that I loose and they manage to find me again and again. Good luck! 😃

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Hi Janis,
Just thought I’d tell you what worked for me. I lost over 50lbs. It’s really simple. If God/nature did not make it don’t eat it. Eat only meat, chicken, fish, fruits & vegetables. Go easy on potatoes and rice. Absolutely nothing else. You can eat all you want so you don’t go hungry. Worked like a charm. The pounds just melted away. I have kept the weight off for 10 years. After you lose the weight just have bread and sweet dessert once a week. Your knees will thank you. Hope your feeling better soon.


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