Upper Peninsula

Bond Falls Flowage


Here’s the view from my camper door. Stellar, eh? We were headed for an Ottawa National Forest CG near Watersmeet, which I was told on the phone was free after Labor Day. Wrong information! All the campgrounds in the NF (if still open) are free after October 1. So we spent a night at nearby Robbins Pond and the next day drove over to check out Bond Falls Flowage near Paulding. I knew about this place last year but never went & looked at it. Wow! Deb moved over there immediately and I went over on Sunday, when more spaces opened up. We got sites 19 & 20 which are lakefront, as you can see. There are million dollar views, but no lake access from these sites because there’s a steep bank. If we were younger and nimbler we probably could do it, LOL!  Our sites have trees around the outside and open in the middle, so they’re good for solar power. Most of the sites are grouped in 2-3-4 together so it’s great for friends who camp together. They have picnic tables, trash containers and we even have our very own outhouse!  And it’s FREE! Usually for 14 days but after Sept. 15 you can stay any amount of time.  We’re getting pretty good 3G Verizon but zero ATT so I have to go out to write blogs, etc. Deb discovered a flaw in her camper placement this morning when pinecones started to fall on her camper….it sounds like rifle shots! Poor Annie hates loud noises so she’s suffering.


I accidentally whacked the side of my knee on a ledge alongside the bed so had a setback but it is doing much better now. I can straighten the leg out with no pain and when I first get up to walk, no pain! The more I walk the more it hurts though, so I’m still trying to take it easy. Still, WAY better than the hopping days!




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Glad your knee is feeling better. Great sites. Poor Annie. Tell Deb she’ll just have to give her to me. I’m in a casino RV park – passport America – $15 full hook up. Thank goodness. You and I sound like The Walking Dead. I thought yesterday it was hayfever because they’re harvesting hay around here, but chills and fever during the night and intestinal problems today. So glad I’m stuck here for the week.


How beautiful! I am so afraid I won’t be able to find free places to stay, much less lovely ones. That knee is going to need babying for a long time. I’m glad you have a friend with you during this time of healing!
Take care,


Don’t worry Parker, there are some great resources for finding free sites. And amazingly, (knock wood) I’ve never gone to any free campsites that didn’t have space for me! I think the best resource is to join Escapees RV Club, $39.95 for one year…and pay the $10 extra to get their “Days End Directory”. It’s well over 800 pages of free sites (and no Wal-Marts) all over the US and Canada. It’s WORTH the $50 investment!! You can use it for years even if you don’t renew your SKP membership, as these things don’t change that much. Also the website; those two are my go-to sites.

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Thanks! I’ve heard of Escapees, of course, but wasn’t sure it was a good resource for boondockers. Now I won’t hesitate to join. I will definitely also get the directory! Hugs for you for giving me that assurance. 🙂 I already downloaded the freecampsites app, too.
You have been a great help.


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