Michigan Upper Peninsula

Fall Is Here!

dscn6522Fall is here! I think we’re at peak color now, and the woods around here are just gorgeous.

Today was Unpleasant Task Day, evidently. That’s kinda how it turned out, anyway. Yesterday poor Roxie had dire-rear and got it on her pantaloons. It’s really hard to clean up a mess like that without much water. Apparently I didn’t do a good job at all because this morning when she tried to go again, it got kinda stuck in the poopy-matted hair from yesterday. (No wonder the camper smelled so bad last night) Aaarrrgh!  So I had no choice, I had to figure out how to bathe her nether regions. I dipped a bucketful of water from the lake and heated some on the stove, then dunked her back half in the bucket to get her wet. Then I stood her on a towel on the picnic table and managed to loosen all the nasty gook and wash her up a bit with my no-rinse shampoo, then another dunk to rinse everything off. It worked out better than I thought, as she didn’t fight being dunked. I thought about bathing her in the lake but that would have involved ME having to wade in, and it’s cold!

I absolutely HAD to do laundry today; I’d put it off as long as I could. So I went to town and did that and picked up a few groceries, got some cheap gas as the indian gas station (I think they don’t have to pay tax, so they don’t charge tax?) It’s always at least $.15 a gallon cheaper than anywhere else!   And the third unpleasant task was to dump the porta-potty in the vault toilet.  Phew. I feel so virtuous, for getting all that done in one day!

Here are more leaf-peeper photos. I love being up here for the color change! These were all taken from my campsite.


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15 replies on “Fall Is Here!”

Funny you should ask! The nighttime temps have been comfortable; in the high 40’s, low 50’s but the forecast for tomorrow and Saturday nights is a low of 34 degrees! Guess I’ll be getting out the little propane heater.


Really enjoying your blog. I have the new Aliner Scout Lite on my short list of trailers to live in at retirement hopefully in 2018. Glad to see it can be done. Got to be frugal and stop working at 62! Must be exciting to live in an Aliner during a thunderstorm with some wind. Looking forward to that.
Thanks for sharing your adventures with those of us getting ready to enjoy this lifestyle.



Thanks Norman! Yes sometimes in storms it’s quite exciting……and not in a good way. And if it’s really windy, it kinda blasts right through (perhaps worse in mine because it’s old).


Janis, I’m concerned about fellow blogger RVSue. Her site has been dark for nearly a week, have you heard anything?


Beautiful photos, thank you. We had snow here earlier this week, back into the 60’s this weekend. Gotta love life in the mountains.
Stay warm,


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