North Carolina

Asheville, NC

I left Pinckney, MI and only drove an hour, to the Cabela’s in Dundee. I knew the next day was going to be a long drive because I wanted to make it to the free parking at the KY Artisan Center in Berea. Boy am I glad I did that, because on Thursday it rained all day and there were several big slowdowns where the traffic only went 20-30 mph for long periods of time. And isn’t it weird that sometimes there never seems to be a REASON for that??  Anyway those added more than an hour to my trip. It was a miserable driving day. I didn’t make it to Berea either; I ended up staying at a Cracker Barrel in Richmond, KY. I was the only RV there but their parking area is pretty much hidden away behind the building so I didn’t feel unsafe. I much prefer overnighting at Cracker Barrels than Wal-Mart.

It rained all day Friday too but I made it to my friends’ place in Asheville by 3:00 and then it took a really long time to back the camper into it’s “hole” under the carport. There are big wooden posts on one side and their shiny Airstream camper on the other side!  Sometimes I can get it in easily but usually Jenni comes out and guide me in. No one was home so I ended up doing LOTS of to-ing and fro-ing. But now I’m all cozied in, and I have electric hookup too! Wow….microwave and toaster, woot woot! I hope I don’t get too spoiled.

I have already been chipping away at my To-Do List. I’ve got it down to 26 things, and some of them are quick 5 minute jobs. The biggest and most important job is to get Jenni’s help installing my new Olympian Wave 3 propane heater. I now carry two heaters; a 1500 btu Coleman SportCat and a 3000 btu Coleman ProCat. This new heater is tiny; 8x12x2″ thick…and it has two settings, 1600 and 3000 btu’s! Perfect. Now I won’t have to decide before it gets dark which heater I need to drag out, plus it works off the bulk propane tank so I don’t have to mess around refilling those little 1# propane bottles. The only hard part of the installation is getting the right hose connections; I want it on a quick-connect so I can take it out when winter’s over. I’m pretty sure I’m going to use over-the-door hooks to hang it from my kitchen cabinet. And I can also get rid of that nasty sharp-edged safety surround that I made; this heater will be higher so there won’t be any danger of Roxie’s tail bursting into flames if she gets near it!  It will also give me a lot more space in the car; that ProCat heater is BIG.

Starting 10/26 I’ll be house-sitting for my friends here for a week, and taking care of their dog Jake. Here’s the house……it’s got running water, flush toilets and everything!  I guess it’s oh, about 50 times the size of my camper??!!       dscn6545

I’m having our Third Annual PJ Party during that week, with some of my camping lady friends; and another camping friend from Colorado will be stopping by to visit too!

Thanks everyone for using my Amazon Associates link! You don’t pay any more for the stuff you order, and I get a small percentage of the money spent. It really helps me make ends meet, so please try to remember me before you place your Amazon orders! Here’s the link; please copy & paste it into your browser window:    It will look exactly like your usual Amazon home page, but it’s got my Associate information imbedded.



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How do you find the free campsites? I have found several websites, but am trying to decide which is the best one for smaller campers. I have a 2014 A-Liner.

I’ve enjoyed following your blog. Thanks for sharing your adventure.


Thanks Pat! I guess I should do a blog post on how to find free campsites. The sites I use most are: (interactive map) (interactive map)
and my favorite is the Days End Directory from Escapees RV Club. In order to get that one you first need to get a $39.95 membership from; then you can pay an extra $15 you can download their Days End Directory. It’s almost 900 pages of free overnight parking (none of them Wal-Mart!) all over the U.S. and Canada. Once you get it, you don’t need to renew your Escapees membership again, just renew the Days End. The only bad thing about the Days End Directory is that it’s by city, not a map, so you have to know where you want to stop and also what cities are nearby.


So glad you are back and at Jenn’s in Ashville. Will you spend the winter there or on to warmer climate? Any way I enjoy your comments on Facebook, always interesting. Get all those chores done and have a great time with Pajama Party. Joyce


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