I got the new part for the heater yesterday but it did not fix the problem.  That’s 4 nights in a row I’ve slept with the stove burner lit! It says right on the stove NOT to do that! I keep the window open about an inch and it seems to be fine; I wake up every morning.

This morning I woke up with these words in my head: PIPE DOPE. Pretty strange, huh? But that was the magic formula for fixing the gas leak! Those two connections didn’t have any pipe dope on them. I tried using teflon tape but it still leaked a bit. So I went out and got some pipe dope, and that fixed it…..I’ll have heat tonight!!  Naturally it’s going to be 43 tonight and not in the low 20’s like the past four nights. But that’s OK, I’m now officially a Happy Camper!

This campsite is filling up with horsey people again. I spoke to the first guy who arrived and he said there will be lots of people here this weekend. I feel kinda bad for taking up a space that they could use, but….I’m soooo small! And it doesn’t say it’s for ONLY horse campers.

I have no plans for Thanksgiving. But I hope all of you have a fantastic day with family or friends. Eat lots of turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy for me!  AS of right now I’m still planning to camp with friends starting Sunday, but that will ultimately depend on the air quality alerts from the 6000 acre wildfire at Pinnacle Mountain. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

Random thought of the day… you ever wonder how the heck you got on some of those email lists? I get an email newsletter from the Idaho Potato Commission called “Tater Talk”. I am pretty sure I did not sign up for any Tater Talk newsletters!!

Thanks again, everyone who is using my link to order your Amazon goodies! Remember me when you shop for Christmas gifts please.  Here it is:


10 replies on “Thanksgiving”

Hi Janis,
I hope you end up having a traditional Thanksgiving meal somewhere, even if it’s a frozen TV dinner! With it being so close to the weekend, you can extend the celebration of it out too! Glad to hear your heater is fixed.


Happy Thanksgiving, Janis! If you’d like to warm up, please come visit us in Florida, and stay as long as you like. It’s been in the 70’s every day!


Happy Thanksgiving, Janis. If you’re ever near DC and want to visit either herein town, or at your campsite, just let me know.
I’m glad you’re warm again!


So glad you got the heater fixed, Janis!!! Cheers. Toby and I are spending the day cuddling under blankets, either in the living room and in bed! I had turkey dinner at the community center yesterday and had bought a baked potato at the deli the other day. Heated it up for ‘dinner’ and it was full of bacon, which I don’t eat. Toby loved it!!
Have fun. Or just some peace and quiet.


Thanks Luce! Some peace and quiet would be good. This place is a zoo! There are huge horse trailer/camper rigs squeezed in everywhere, and they all seem to be real rednecks. Lots of pitbulls & other dogs running around loose; loud radios, generators running all night…..and even a jackass braying constantly! It’s a very strange donkey; it’s “hee” sounds like a pig getting killed, then he belts out several “haws”. OFTEN. I hope that jackass sleeps at night!


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