A Slight Delay

Yesterday I set out on my big trip to AZ and failed at finding a free campsite! I was in Tuscaloosa, AL and the Wal-Mart didn’t allow overnight parking and neither did the Cracker Barrel or even the Flying J Truck Stop! (Flying J didn’t allow RV’s) So I ended up at Sunset RV Park in Cottondale; full hookups including cable TV and good wifi signal and nice spacious sites for $29. Gosh that’s more than I planned to spend on the next 6 months of camping total!!!

As soon as I exited I-20 I heard my brakes making a terrible grinding noise….oh no! So early this morning I took the car to the Firestone dealer. I dropped the camper and took the car in, told the guy the brakes were making terrible noises. When they checked them out, they said the front brakes were in great shape but the rear brakes really needed replacing, they were almost down to the rotors. They also said my brake fluid was really dirty and needed changing (to the tune of an extra $60) When they add stuff like that I always wonder if it really needs it, or are they looking to make a little extra. There’s no way for me to know but now I have nice clean brake fluid. Oh and they didn’t hear any noises!!  Hmmm, how strange!

Well Princess Roxie and I sat in their waiting room from 8:20 until 1:00 and then I paid my $239 and hooked back up to the camper. As soon as I started out, there’s that screeching noise again. It was the TRAILER brakes, not the car!!  So now I need those too!! I just dialed them back on the brake controller so they’re not working now; I’m sure they can wait until I get to Yuma. Luckily my camper is light enough that it really doesn’t need brakes (until that deer steps out in front of me….) Well we’ll just hope that doesn’t happen.  I know I would not be able to find a trailer place to work on it on a Sunday, and I’m not going to waste any more time sitting around. I wanted Firestone to lube the bearings on the trailer but they said it had to be hoisted up and they didn’t have any way to do that with the trailer. (??) I guess that means I need to find a trailer repair place.

I only drove 180 miles today and it was raining the whole time. I really hate towing the camper in the rain. I found a Cracker Barrel that allows overnight parking, near Jackson, MS. I had my route all planned out but now I’ll have to do it all over again because of today’s low mileage. I think it’s also supposed to rain all day tomorrow so I’d better not plan on driving for a real long time; it really tires me out.

BUT….we’re on our way, just a little slower than I’d hoped. And a lot more expensive. Two people in the Firestone waiting room commented on how well-behaved Roxie is.  Haha, if they only knew what a demanding little brat she is at times!



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Happy belated Birthday! I hope your trip to AZ goes well and all the problems are behind you. Safe Travels!
Linda where it is cold in the mountains of CO


Clean fluid will prevent a lock up which is what happened to me, the caliper gets stuck and then the brake get burned out..however I don’t know about that affecting the rear brakes, i think they work differently than the front ones. And I can’t believe they didn’t have a hand jack they could have raised your camper with? In that case best take it to an RV trained place.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if things always went as we planned but then that is what we find great about this lifestyle. There is always another plan and most times it ends up being a better plan. We had planned on leaving Florida two weeks ago and then things quickly changed in a blink of an eye and a miscalculation leaving a RV site. In the end it may have not only been a lesson well learned but a great bit of fate. I am working on getting our blog updated and if this last plan comes together I will be posting some exciting news soon.
You and Roxie stay safe as you travel west. Hope the weather changes in your favor.

Celebrating the Dance


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