I made it to Texas yesterday! It feels like I’m finally in the West, and almost there….ha ha! I always forget that Texas just goes on and on and on. I think it’ll take me 2 more days to get to Big Bend!  Last night I parked overnight (free) at Tinkle Park near Carthage, TX. You’d think a place with a name like Tinkle Park would at least have a vault toilet! But no, just picnic tables and trash bins. It was right on a nice lake though, and very quiet. I was the only one there.

Today was the third day of driving in rain. What happened to the nice drought??! I hate driving in the rain! I can’t use my cruise control so it’s much more tiring, not to mention that bit about not being able to see worth a darn. I’m not making very good time; I’m only doing a couple hundred miles a day. I got off I-20 just inside the Texas line and am cutting cross-county down to hit I-10 a little west of San Antonio. This route skips ALL the big cities, and I like traveling the 2-and 4-lane highways. I was on a 2 lane highway today that had a speed limit of an astounding 75 mph!!  Are you KIDDING??!  I still went my usual 60 mph.  Then I ran up on a huge oversized THING that was being moved with a police escort. They were going 2-3 mph and every time they came to an overhead line, a bucket truck had to go ahead of them and lift it up so the THING could get through! I don’t know why they didn’t move over and let some of the traffic pass at some point.

I stopped at Woody’s Smokehouse in Centerville, TX….interesting place that sells all kinds of store-made sausage, jerky, baked goods, candies, jellies and some TX souvenirs. I liked looking at all the “stuff” and I bought a small jar of their cherry preserves.  I like to put preserves on my sourdough pancakes.

And tonight I’ve made my very first Wal-Mart overnight stop. I’m in Rockville? Rockwood? Rock something. There are a couple 18-wheelers plus 3 or 4 other RV’s here and it seems OK if al little noisy. I assume it’ll quiet down later.  I hope tomorrow’s drive will be rain-free!


7 replies on “Texas!”

Oh, yum, meat goodies and preserves! I’m a huge fan of sourdough too, and grew my own sourdough mother for a while there ~ made some delicious bread with it. Unfortunately it died one week for unknown reasons. Do you have sourdough mother that you cook with, or how do you make your pancakes?
Take care in the rain,


Yep, I keep my sourdough starter going! I had to leave mine in Ecuador but got some more starter from a camping friend as soon as I got back to the U.S. in April, 2014. I feed it and it can go a week in the fridge….so I make sourdough pancakes once a week! Yum. I made and sold sourdough bread and sourdough cinnamon bread when I lived in Ecuador. I really miss not having an oven.


Janis, the Coleman folding oven is awesome and folds flat. You can find them on Amazon for as low as $18. I love mine! I’ve baked brownies, pizzas, cookies, etc.


you were probably in Rockdale of you were headed to an area west of san antonio…..and yes Texas is bad about having 70 mph speed limits on little 2 lane roads……you be careful out there and enjoy Our Texas…..


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