Ft. Stockton, TX

I drove nearly 400 miles today and made it to Ft. Stockton, TX. I went cross-country on more 2-lane roads and also Hwy. 45, a toll road with speed limits of 80 mph!  No way!!  I’m pretty sure that’s faster than my guardian angels can fly, so I just padoodle along at my usual 60 mph. while towing.  The toll booths didn’t have any place to pay; apparently you either us a pass or else you get the bill in the mail! I guess that’s convenient, though the mail rate was quite a bit higher than the pass rate.

I’ve been having a problem with my clothing bin falling off the bench and ending up in a big jumble by the time I get where I’m going, so I stopped at a gas station halfway here, put up the camper and shoved the bin back where it belonged. It worked good; everything was in good order when I got here except….sob! I left my $75 aluminum folding step back at that gas station! I guess I just drove off without it. What an expensive pee break! I can’t believe I did that!  And I can’t blame it on bad luck this time; this was sheer stupidity.  I need that step too; Roxie doesn’t “see” the little built-in step so she leaps over it and usually ends up doing a face-plant. So I had to order another one today and have it sent to the post office in Bisbee; I’ll pick it up next week when I get there. Sigh.

We are parked overnight at a defunct RV park. I pulled up and put up the camper and then noticed a lot of really tiny but lethal-looking thorny things on the ground that are so sharp, they stuck into my rubber clogs! So I decided to move, as that would NOT be good for Roxie’s little feet! I accidentally stepped on an old dried-up twig that had 1″ thorns, and one went all the way through my clog and into my foot! OW! I don’t know what it was but I hope it wasn’t one of those cactus things that cause infections.  I moved over to where there aren’t any of those nasty things plus I carry Roxie over to the pavement to do her business.  Luckily she will go anywhere; in fact I think she prefers pavement to grass!

Here’s the big thorny thing that went through my shoe:  dscn6579

I finally got my photo adapter to work, so now I can post pictures again! Here’s my campsite at Tinkle Park in Gary, TX:


And I bought a Christmas tree, isn’t it cute?! It’s about 6″ tall.    dscn6578

So tomorrow, only 100 miles to Big Bend National Park! I’m excited to be able to stop driving every day and sit still for 3 days! Well I’ll still be driving around the park, but somehow that doesn’t seem as hard as dragging that camper around all day. We’re supposed to be getting an arctic blast and maybe even some snow/sleet! Oh joy.

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7 replies on “Ft. Stockton, TX”

Ugh. Sorry about that step. Those mishaps can be painful.
I can’t wait for Texas pictures so I hope that cable starts working for you again. Does your laptop have a card reader that you can put the card from your camera in and transfer the pictures that way? Not all computers do, of course, but maybe?


I got it back to working! And added some photos to the post, so if you go back in, you’ll be able to see them. Yes, that’s the kind of card reader I use but aparently it’s temperamental, LOL.


Sorry to hear about leaving/loosing the little step. Your right, things like this just make ya want to go GRRRRR.
The thorny thing is like many desert plants. It’s just there. Don’t know the name, maybe a Texan can chime in and tell you. If the thorn broke the skin then you could have infection. Wash well, keep clean, antibiotic cream to wound, and dressing (bandage). If you need an antibiotic let me know. Drive safe and see ya in AZ.


Your tree is so cute.
You are certainly putting the miles behind you. We did cross country a couple of years ago from Corpus Christi to Ft. Stockton and we had mud on the 5th wheel covering half way up our windows and the truck did not look any better.
Enjoy Big Bend! It is on our list we have planned to stop twice and because of the very cold temperatures opted out…maybe this year.
Hope your foot is okay. You and Roxie take care.


I too had planned to go to Big Bend several times in the past 10 years, and finally made it! I owned 5 and 13 acre tracts at Terlingua Ranch several years ago but never did see the property, LOL!


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