A Do-Nothing Day

It was so nice to Do Nothing all day yesterday! Oh, caught up on little chores like some housekeeping, cooking & stuff, (made some really great sloppy joes to have for lunches!) but I never left the campsite til late afternoon. I needed this! It was very warm today; high of 79. My little canopy does not provide any shade since the sun is so low in the sky right now, but Roxie has shade cloth over her exercise pen, both for shade and for protection from predators in the sky.  33 degrees this morning, 79 by afternoon!

I was so pleased the other day at Safeway when I had a short conversation in Spanish! I had been looking and not finding the little Halo tangerines, and when I went to the checkout line, there was a Mexican lady there who had some in her cart. I heard her speaking Spanish to her grandson, so I asked (IN SPANISH!) “Where are the little oranges?” And I actually understood the answer! OK, I didn’t understand most of the answer, but I caught the word “debajo” which means “under”, so I knew to look for them below the counter. Found them!  It was the most simple little conversation but it really made me happy that I could even remember that much of my Spanish. I wish I had occasion to use it more often, as I really worked hard at learning it at my age, and I’m forgetting more and more all the time.

I walked back to the viewing platform this evening. That makes a mile or more of walking just today, wow!  Here are some pics….most of them taken using the digital zoom on my camera, so they’re not super clear.




4 replies on “A Do-Nothing Day”

Hi Janus, I’m enjoying your trip photos and those of the cranes. I too enjoy using Spanish when I can. I’m Mexican, but am not fluent. I grew up with my parents speaking Spanish, but all the kids I went to school with only spoke English, so I have the ear for it, but not the tongue, so when I get a chance I try to use it.


Hi Janus, love the pictures and I admire you so much for the life you are living! Is the free lifestyle you live something you love or is it a necessary lifestyle, one you have to live? I love the interesting explorer life you have and would love to live it. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Thanks Linda! I do love it, and then again sometimes (like rigtht now) I get really tired of moving all the time. I’m looking forward to getting to a place where I can set up and stay for at least a couple weeks! At the moment I DO have to live in the camper, and have to have free campsites nearly all the time.


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