Ehrenberg, AZ BLM Land

I am hoping this is my last move for a good while….I’d love to stay here for a month or so. I’m told the 14 day limit is not enforced here.  It seems like a great place, except it’s rather windy right now.  The ground is covered with coarse gravel which is a little hard to walk on but at least it’s keeping us from getting sandblasted. I even have a TREE which gives shade for a good part of the day!  It’s a Palo Verde tree so it doesn’t have any leaves, but it still does a pretty good job of casting shade.  The gravel around here is very interesting; lots of white quartz stones, some of them pretty big. Oh no, not more rocks!!  I will try not to look down.

I’m a mere 3 miles from Exit 1 on I-10, where there’s gas, propane, dump station and water, laundromat and a convenience store! And it’s only about 7 miles to Blythe, CA for bigger grocery stores, etc.  I am getting great wifi and cell signals too.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to be settling into one place for a while. I even took the time to finally put up my little decorations….I hung a glass art piece of a happy little whale I got in Maine, and some postcards on the wall, and of course my tiny Christmas tree. I might even get out the solar string lights, if I can figure out what I’ve done with them.

I first went in the other direction and tried to find a nice campsite right on the Colorado River but didn’t see anything that I really liked. There are other campers around me here but not close. This is the kind of place where if I don’t feel like getting fully dressed in the morning, I don’t have to! But yet there are others “within shouting distance”. I think.




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