ALiner Life

After seeing the photos I posted yesterday, a friend commented that she’d never seen the inside of my camper. So I decided to post a few more photos , with explanations.


This is one from yesterday. In the corner of the camper is the sink, but it’s tucked right up where the roof is lowest, and it’s a real pain to use. So I made a little riser to go over the sink & faucet and I have 5 bins there. The white one holds cosmetics, hairbrush, comb, toothpaste, that sort of stuff. The big blue one behind it holds dog grooming & medical supplies, some paper products and the pans on top. Behind that is one that holds a big bag of essential oils (for making my own insect repellents), homeopathic medicines and oh, I just found some cookies that are probably a year old!  Another holds napkins, some paper plates & bowls and plastic cups. The 5th one holds bread products. Hey, this is a good exercise; I think I could consolidate some of this junk and get rid of one whole bin! (Later….I did! I got rid of the white one!!!)

The wire shelf overhead is resting on two adjustable painter’s poles, which are supported by pieces of wood along the eaves.


Moving on. The Olympian Wave 3 heater hangs on a cupboard door and it’s removable. (The heater, not the door) Love this little heater! It has a quick-release propane connection. Behind that door is 3 shelves. One holds plastic wrap, alum. foil and baggies. One has a bin of spices, and one holds first aid supplies.


Next to that is a drop-down door and two drawers. I can pull out the top drawer, get out the hot pads and put them on the corner, then the drop down door will sit level and can be used as a workspace.

I sit on the porta-potty to work there, and to cook. (with the lid down, of course) One of my good friends says when she thinks of me, I’m sitting on that potty, chopping vegetables and stirring stuff on the stove! Hmmm.  Inside the microwave are a bunch of nested bowls and a couple pans. In order to get to them I have to first remove all the jars of most-used spices from in front of the microwave door.



The most often used cutlery & utensils are kept in a mug on the countertop but the other kitchen gadget stype stuff is in one drawer, and the cleaning products in little bitty bottles plus some nested bowls are in the bottom drawer.

There’s a hidey-hole under the air conditioner just inside the door that’s supposed to be for a porta-potty but mine is too tall to fit in there, so there’s a bin of Justin Case stuff. You know, just-in-case I need it. It’s a bunch of stuff that I rarely use, but I never know when I might need it. Spare batteries, insect repellent gizmos, a fish skinner, well I don’t even know what all else is in there, but I’ve been through it recently and decided it all needed to stay. Between the door & window are my decorations. Three postcards and my little “JOY” Christmas decoration that I’ve decided should be permanent. Everyone needs a little Joy every day.  It’s crazy but just putting up these few cheapie decorations makes it feel like home.


Next to the bed at each end are plastic bins.


They help keep the mattress from sliding away from the wall. One holds socks & undies, prescription drugs and a couple books.I use the top of that that as my workstation/table. The other contains folded clothing. Under the bed are two more plastic bins; one for lesser-used and out of season clothes, and the other for food.  Roxie’s little bed sits on the floor next to my bed. She could sleep on my bed but she’s always been a “floor dog”. When I got her she was 5 years old and I was told that she was a “floor dog”. She’s very much NOT a lapdog!

The blue thing behind the bed is an ensolite backpacking pad, about $8 at Wal-Mart. In winter I slip it between the wall and mattress and it keeps the hinge on that side from collecting condensation in the night (outside cold meets inside warmth = condensation) and covers the bottom of the big curtain so cold air doesn’t fall on me; it goes behind the foam. Inside the curtain is a dollar store car windshield reflector; white side out (if foil side is out, the bubble window could get superheated and melt!) and also a big piece of folded fleece material for insulation. It works really well; I can put my hand right up to the curtain and don’t feel any cold (or heat). I also have a thinner piece of black ensolite against the head of the bed, to insulate against the outside wall.  It all seems to be working well, it’s very cozy in here except when it’s really windy, then there’s nothing that’ll keep that out, with all the seams in this type of camper. My Library (two atlas books and a spare Kindle)  is also here, between the ensolite and the mattress. I see a little bit of my red Arizona atlas sticking up. And of course my fire extinguisher on the floor in front of the bed so I could get to it quickly, if needed.


There are two storage areas accessed from the outside that contain things like tools, leveling blocks, electric extension cords, tarps, my rubber boots & some spare shoes, and the off-season sheets.

I think that completes the tour! I know I could be a lot more organized if I wasn’t carrying everything I own. Most full-timers have at least a camper with a bathroom, so they have cabinetry and a medicine cabinet in there, and many more kitchen cabinets and overhead cabinets. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.  This works for me, it just doesn’t look very good, LOL!



11 replies on “ALiner Life”

Shoot, I don’t think you have too much stuff, pretty much because I have a ton more…. You’ve got a pretty good organization system going on in there, and it’s always interesting to me to see how other people handle all their stuff (especially people who are in small spaces rather than huge RVs. Finding the old cookies made me giggle. 😀
Did you ever do the interview with Bob? Just curious, because it would be fun to watch!


nice setup .. I wanted to buy a aliner but couldn’t find one and then found out my car can barely tow anything. but I like your setup and who cares if you sit on the john when chopping veggies.
Good idea with the foam pad against the wall we had the issue with out RV too but hung some insulated curtains which helped alot with the cold issue.


Thanks for sharing your personal space. I am so impressed at your ability to organize all your possessions needed for full timing. I enjoyed the tour very much. Quite inspiring too. Might I suggest a single bin used for storing eating utensils for your spices in front of your microwave. I got mine at Big lots or the 99 cent store. It is less than 2″ wide and a little longer than a fork or knife. I think it would hold spices perfectly!! Might be easier moving the spices all at once. You could also make a cloth holder that flips up and out of the way from the microwave. Cloth would not scratch the microwave while in transit. Send me measurements if you want me to make one for you. I’ve got scrap fabric and some time on my hands. I’m unemployed right now. 😦 Thanks again for sharing. 🙂

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Oooh, something that would hold all the spices in front of the microwave would be great! I get so tired of having to move 10 things to get at something!! I’m going to look for something like that. I have 2″ of space in front, but I think the microwave door handle might stick out a little farther than that. Worth a try though! A flip-up thingie won’t work for me because there’s nowhere to flip it to; in winter my water container is in the way. (In summer, it goes on the other end of the little counter, next to the blue bins. That’s over the heater right now though, and I don’t want any accidental drips into the heater)
Thanks for the offer though! And thank for the idea, I like it a lot!


Very nice little home you have made in your Aliner. Looks like a small studio apartment on wheels. Thanks for sharing and so looking forward to getting my Aliner Sport Lite! Have a wonderful week.


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