A-Frame Rally in Cottonwood, AZ

This past weekend was the A-Frame Campers rally at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood, AZ. There were 24 camper units and 35 people present! Boy the organizers (Donna, Wanda and Kathy) really know how to put on a great rally! It was obvious they put a lot of work and thought into it, and it’s not easy planning out four days of fun and food.  Not just morning coffee and doughnuts, full breakfasts every morning! Pancakes, eggs, french toast….!  Every morning there was a demo or discussion topic (not that I made it over there much in the mornings; I’m SO not a morning person!) One morning I did have to get up early because the demo was happening to my camper; Tom Warfield installed new wheel bearings! Nevada Nick donated one set of bearings so I only had to purchase one set costing $24.  And Tom was also the reason I was camped at the state park; he reserved and paid for a site for me! Wow.  I must say it was a treat to have electricity for those 4 days. I dug out my toaster and even got a chance to roast some fresh coffee beans.

There were also mid-day activities like touring Montezuma’s Castle and Well, the copper museum, and Tuzigoot ruins. Evening campfires didn’t happen because it rained all weekend, but the area was a sea of canopies and screen tents so we were able to keep dry while scarfing down more food at the potluck dinners.

There was a Swap Meet where people brought unwanted goodies to sell, and I got a Wilson signal booster for my new wifi hotspot for only $50! All I need to buy is a long piece of galvanized  pipe to mount it on.

Today we moved to the “1000 Trails” boondocking site about 5 miles from Cottonwood, just off Hwy. 260.  It’s nice here with much much less traffic than my other site off FR525. But after all that rain, it sure was gooey. The car was slithering all over the place! And it’s the kind of mud that builds up on your shoes until you’re dragging around 5# of it per foot!  It dries out pretty fast here though. This is Open Range land and as soon as we got set up here, one of the neighbors came to call….Ms Moo!


Our campsite off Thousand Trails Road between Cottonwood and Camp Verde


See the mud??!!

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I sure hope so. I don’t want to have to drive to town every time I want to use the internet! The signal was OK when I was there but sometimes it fluctuates, so it’ll be good to have a boost.


Just a thought for you to consider for your WiFi booster antenna. I bought a 10 foot piece of 2 inch PVC pipe, had the lumber yard cut it in half for me and then bought a connector for the two pieces to fit back together. I had to notch the pipe where the antenna bracket goes around it to make it fit but it keeps it nice and snug. You can slide the pipe over a two inch ball or even use a strong bungee to attach it to your trailer hitch. It comes apart for transport but gives me at least one extra bar wherever I’m boondocking. PS. I use Crisco to lubricate the pipes and connector. Cheap and works better than most anything else I’ve tried…


An A frame rally sounds like a great time. Looks like your Aliner is holding up well. How does it handle the rain? I think it would be fun to camp in the rain and the sound on the roof.
Looking forward to the simply life living in a Aliner. Thanks for sharing your adventures.



Sounds like you had fun, Janis. Nice deal on the booster! Something to boost my signal is on my future wishlist.
Right now I’m stuck in Sparks, Nv, with road closures and chain requirements all around. Thank goodness for truck stops! Looks like I’ll be here for some time.
Can’t wait for the sun. 🌞


It’s beautiful and sunny now, and they finally cleared people to drive without chains, but too late in the afternoon to get very far. Sounds like the weather patterns might keep me here for a while! I’m working my way to Arizona the snowy way. 😃

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