Turn Back Around

This morning I thought of the Lucy Schwartz song “Turn Back Around”….the lyrics go:            I Turn, turn, turn, I turn back around,                                                                                                    And I’m eastern bound.

I’d been a little sad because things just weren’t working out for me to find cheap property in AZ, CO or NM. Oh, I could find cheap property, that wasn’t the problem, it was that all the cheap places also seem to come with sky-high crime rates! I was even offered some free property in Socorro County, NM but I checked all the towns in that county (they couldn’t remember what it was near) and both the violent and theft crime rates were in the 90’s out of 100! Apparently it’s a very poor county, with high unemployment rates. Well I’m just too old to deal with that kind of crap!

I have just been given a great opportunity to be a sort of minimal caretaker for some property back in Asheville, NC! My friends Cheryle & Jenni are moving to Washington state at the end of April and I am going to be camping under their huge carport to deter theft, and monitoring the pond levels, cleaning the pond filter, monitoring the chemicals in the swim spa, letting the yard guy know when to come, stuff like that. And also eating their strawberries, asparagus and blueberries!  I’ve posted photos from there several times; its kind of my “go to” place when I’m in NC.  If it doesn’t sell right away, the average high in July is 83 and with the roof overhead and electricity to run the A/C, I should be fine.

So I sort of feel like I’m starting over from scratch, going back to Asheville, where I started out! I lived in that area for 35 years before moving to Ecuador. If the house sells quickly I’ll head back up to northern Michigan for the summer and re-think the whole plan. Maybe I could grow to like Florida for winter??? It woudn’t be too bad a drive to bounce between Michigan and Florida twice a year.

On the home front, I’m still loving this campsite in Pine, AZ! I haven’t left the campsite since I got here on Friday afternoon but will need to go out and get a few groceries in a few more days. There’s a good bit of daytime traffic from people on ATV’s here but it’s very quiet at night, and the weather has been a perfect 74-75 degrees every day.  I probably won’t be heading back to NC until early April so I’ll need to make at least one more move before I go, maybe only 20 miles to Clints Well. I sure do love this area of the state, and wish I could live here, but the property costs are sky high..


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Not to be too nosy, but can you send me an email of directions to your location? I’m having work done at a dealership in Mesa and need a place with some cooler temps while I’m waiting on the parts. It’s just too hot at this elevation esp. for the next week. I promise not to invade your space or bother you (unless you want) but I ‘m kind of new to this boondocking thing and need a little assistance from those of you who are forging the way. Have you looked for property in southern Texas at all? The winters are mild and the state is very RV tax friendly. Not as humid as Florida (or Michigan for that matter)


Also instead of Florida you might want to think about wintering in Arizona since you found so many great places that you like it’s not that much farther to go really is it? I’ve also heard really great things about Texas I think one of the area’s is Spur TX, but I don’t know if there’s any water there. I hear there are a number of tiny house towns happening in that area. Love your blog you’re my shero!!!!


Thanks Joyful! Yes, MI to AZ it almost twice as far as going to FL. I’m not a big fan of TX but I guess it could have possibilities for winter. Yes, I know about Spur!


I’m glad to hear about the Asheville gig. Sounds like a good spring time deal of mutual help. Have a great drive east.
I love the blog. I always wanted to be an adventurer like you are.


Janis, your adventures are a good read! I love how you face the challenges head on–and then go through them. I have no doubt that you will end up where you’re supposed to be. Keep on keeping on!


You can come by and visit us all at the ECSCA National Specialty in Asheville! Old friends and a bunch of English cockers from May 1st to the 5th. We’d love to see you. Betty


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