Rain but no mud!

Yay!  It rained here for close to 24 hours (off and on) but there’s no mud here! SO glad I moved to Flowing Springs, though there’s not a level spot in the whole area and there’s a lot more traffic. There was a family with small children tenting near me last night but they left around noon with their very large, very wet tent. I didn’t envy them trying to keep three kids dry and happy through all of this!  It is 38 degrees right now, supposedly going down to 37….yeah, right. I’m thinking it’ll be close to freezing tonight but my heater works great so I know we’ll be nice and cozy.

I wanted to share something that my friend Pat Ronning did…he’s quite the hiker and often does 7-10 miles before breakfast! He hiked up Picketpost Mountain the other day. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it:

“The mountain is located in the southern desert region of Tonto National Forest and is popular with hikers. The mountain is also well known for an oddly placed mailbox at the top of the mountain, which contains the log books for the Picketpost Mountain Trail. The mountain’s unusual name stems from an early military camp established at the base of the mountain by General George Stoneman in 1870. The soldiers nicknamed the mountain “Picket Post” due to its usage as a sentinel point to guard their camp from attacks. This military camp eventually grew into the present day town of Superior.”


It’s only 4.5 miles but a very strenuous hike. Pat said part of the hike was more like bouldering! But he made it up, and the mailbox at the top he found something really cool inside, along with the logbooks for hikers; free dog tags! What a really cool idea someone had!


(Thank you Pat for letting me use your photos!)

I could not find anywhere to legally drop my garbage so I finally broke down and took it to the county landfill. I paid $5 to drop off 5 measly little grocery plastic bags. Drove back home and shortly afterward, Donna arrived. She said “You know you have a flat tire, right?” NO, I didn’t know that! Suddenly that garbage got a lot more expensive…now I had to pay for tire repair! I called Good Sam road service and the guy came in less than 1/2 hour to change the tire.  I took it to Big O Tire for repair and was told it was not repairable! Whatever I’d driven over had made a big gash that went right through the steel belt and everything. Oh. So now it looks like the 5 bags of garbage are going to cost me over $100!  I’m never going to a landfill again!!  He quoted $134 for a new tire but I decided not to do anything today. My gashed tire only had 7000 miles on it and I wanted to check and see if it had a road hazard warranty. It doesn’t…sigh…so I guess tomorrow I’ll check around and see if I can find a cheaper tire. The Wal-Mart here doesn’t have an auto department. I thought they all did!

Our campsite here is pretty, even if it’s not level!


The East Verde River is at the base of this cliff.



9 replies on “Rain but no mud!”

can you buy a cheap spare–used– for now and invest in a new one later? as long as it’s good enough to get you to civilization from wherever you are….


My spare tire is really old so it needs to remain the spare. I called all over trying to find a good used tire but nobody had them. Nobody even had a NEW tire in my size, it had to be ordered.


I camp dispersed for 6 mo. every summer. I take the garbage bag with me where ever I go. Grocery store, gas station, coffee shop, park, campgrounds all have places to ditch your trash. Of course you could always mail it to friends and ask them to dispose of it. (<;


I do that too, but since I hadn’t gone out in a while, I had 5 bags accumulated! Haha, it would have been a whole lot cheaper to mail it to my friends for disposal!! The new tire is costing $129.


You mean for a tire? That wouldn’t have worked, I still wouild have had to take it somewhere else to be mounted & balanced, etc. And Wal-Mart’s tire was not that much cheaper.


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