More Snow!

Last night it snowed for a couple hours…big fat fluffy flakes that accumulated to about 2″! How exciting! I’m sure you tired-of-winter folks in the north are thinking “Snow, big deal….make it go away” but I can’t remember when I last saw snow….I think it was about two years ago in Asheville. You must admit, it’s very pretty, especially this morning when the snow was still clinging to all the trees and the sun was shining on it….it just makes me happy. I’m so glad I came here!!







13 replies on “More Snow!”

I always loved when it snowed big fluffy flakes; I even loved walking in it especially at night with the street lights making everything twinkle. I loved getting up and seeing it clinging to the tree branches and covering everything with a clean white blanket. What I love now is seeing it in pictures from a distance…:) It does look beautiful.


We came by a google search for Aliner modifications and found your site! Thanks for the tip about supporting your wall support rods with wood strips along the wall edges! We’ll try that. We also now support your independence a little via Amazon.–We’re rock hounds too! And your free camp sites around the country, rock shops are a added plus+ that peaks our interest! All the best, Jerry and Lisa


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