North Carolina

Oh Crap!

They have an RV sewer connection here so it’s easy to empty my porta-potty. The “stuff” starts coming out before the spout gets anywhere near the pipe though, so I have to be real careful to aim well and pour slowly. I don’t know if you are familiar with porta-potties; they have a top section that holds the clean water for flushing, and a bottom section that holds the “stuff”. In between is a sliding plate valve that opens when you want to flush. Well yesterday I dumped it, rinsed it out and took it back inside. I reconnected the two sections and opened the valve to pour in the blue good-smelly stuff. As I opened the bottle, the cap jumped out of my hand and went whirling round and round the bowl like one of those Give To The Blind coin contraptions you see in stores. And then it plopped into the base. SCORE!
OH CRAP. I didn’t think it’d be a good idea to leave it in there, and I didn’t think it would be good to dump it down their sewer pipe either, so I dumped it out on the ground, in the little trench way over to the side where the rainfall runs down. There was less than a cup of the liquid, and I’d washed it out pretty good, so it was only very light brown……..but I still hated to do it. Call the EPA! The garden hose isn’t long enough to wash it down/dilute it. I hope it rains soon! I guess in the bigger scheme of things, it’s way less than a dog poop, but somehow it being Human makes it seem so much worse.
Annnnnd…..yet another change in plans! Funny how that happens. I have been having trouble sleeping; I wake up in the wee hours and my fingers hurt so badly I can’t get back to sleep. And then I noticed that the ring finger on my right hand, which I KNOW was straight when I left AZ, is now trying to become S-shaped! The middle finger has been twisty for some time, and the first knuckles are all getting knobby. The two middle fingers are heading off to the west at the first knuckle, while the little finger wants nothing to do with those yayhoos; it’s curving over to the east, trying to escape. So far the index finger is still straight but very knobby. And the left hand is still pretty good but getting knobs on the first knuckles.

This drastic change from less than two months ago was a  shocker. The first winter I spent in AZ, my finger pain disappeared completely, only to return when I came east for the summer. Last winter the pain didn’t completely go away, but I think that’s because the arthritis had progressed. I just realized that if I wanted to keep the use of my fingers for as long as possible, I really need to live in a dry climate. I need my hands! It’s a blow because I really love my summers in northern Michigan. I’ve been using my infrared white light on it for the past few days and I do think it is helping with the pain.

So…..I’m planning on leaving here July 22 and heading out to the Laramie/Cheyenne, WY area. I have been wanting to go to the Snowy River Range for several years now. It’s a high alpine area with lots of beautiful lakes and forests, and a gorgeous scenic byway (Hwy. 130) between Laramie and Centennial. The elevation is around 8000′ so I hope that’s high enough to escape the heat. Then I’ll work my way down through western Colorado, visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and end up in either Flagstaff or Clints Well some time in September. The temps in most of Arizona don’t get to my level of comfortable until November so I’ll have to stay in the higher elevations til then.

I hope the neighbor here will pick up what I’ve been doing….paying the 2 worker-guys and inspecting the house after a showing. It’s not at all time-consuming.

That tooth that was bothering me back in April has awakened again. I sorta forgot about it. My dentist here is more expensive than anyone else, and that was fine when I had dental insurance and only had to pay a little bit extra, but now I can’t afford him. I bet it would cost $200 just to have him LOOK at this tooth! So I called the Western NC health clinic (for poor people) here in Asheville but they told me you have to be a Buncombe County resident, have HIV or be trans-gender. Ummm…OK? Oh well. So I called the Henderson County equivalent and they don’t have any appointments available for new patients until September!! But she said I could just come in and see if they can work me in; no guarantees though. So I guess I will do that tomorrow and just plan on sitting there most of the day. The weather forecast says 0% chance of rain tomorrow, and I wouldn’t want Roxie to have to suffer through a loud thunderstorm all alone. Last time that happened, when I came home she was standing on the stove! And normally she thinks she can’t jump onto the bed (which is the only way she could have gotten to the stove). I hate to think that I might have to go there every day for awhile!! But they have a sliding scale for payments, according to your income. I hope they have good air conditioning! Ugh, sure not looking forward to this. And in the end, I’ll probably have to get it pulled. I can’t afford a root canal, and that tooth already has a crown. I hope it won’t show. Boy, being poor with bad teeth is awful! I just know I’m going to end up one of those toothless hillbilly types; most of my teeth have crowns and bridges that are aging fast! Sigh.

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I paid $225. For a filling last week…was shocked as I hadn’t had one in several years. If you follow RV Sue or the Bayfield Bunch, they both were very pleased with the dental work done in Algondes Mexico. If you need more done, you could check out the clinic where Al went.


I had some pretty mediocre work done in Los Algodones 2 winters ago; a root canal, post buildup and 3-tooth bridge. The price was right but it started to come loose just a few weeks later and I had to pay $156 to a dentist in Kingman to redo the post and re-cement the whole thing. However I would go back to Algodones (to a different dentist) if I was still in AZ. This tooth is more of an emergency situation & can’t wait until I get back to So. AZ.


Sorry to read you will not be coming up this way this summer. Though it is understandable, with your hands, how the dry of the southwest makes more sense. Especially this year with all the rain we have had. Though that means the rivers, creeks, and lakes are even more beautiful. Sounds like a wonderful change of plans. Enjoy and stay safe.
P.S. Hope by the time you read this the tooth has been taken care of.


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