That Tooth!

I totally chickened out on going to the low-cost clinic as a walk-in and possibly sitting there all day and still not be seen by the dentist.  I called a local clinic and was able to get an appointment the next morning  and the visit plus x-ray cost only $110. I’m certain that is WAY less than my own dentist would have charged!

The x-ray didn’t show anything.  No abcess, no real reason for the pain. That tooth has had a root canal and a crown, and he said that sometimes root canals do need to be re-done. ??  He said he could refer me to a specialist for a consultation about a new root canal but I can’t afford that.  The only other option would be to pull the tooth but he thought that was premature.  So I got a prescription for another antibiotic and I’ll see if I can coax it along for awhile longer. It’s not hurting anywhere near as much as it did back in April, so that’s good.


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Is the tooth with the root canal an upper or a lower tooth, Janis? I ask because years ago I went to my dentist (this had to be around 30 years ago) with what I thought was a toothache. It was an upper tooth. Turned out the tooth was fine; the problem was that I had a chronic sinus infection and the sinus was right above the end of the root canal and pressing on it. I didn’t have to have any dental work done…I had to see an ENT doctor and get the sinusitis taken care of!


Teeth that have had a root canal can become infected again. The root that was taken out isn’t the problem it is the area where it was removed below the gum line that may be reinfected. The antibiotics should take care of the issue, if that’s the problem. I take my teeth to Algodones Mex. near Yuma Az. every year for cleaning, x rays, crowns etc. Amoxicillin is very inexpensive there and is legal to bring across the border. You might consider that if your winter travels take you near Yuma. I enjoy reading you, thanks.


The name of the practice is Desert Dental Care, owned by Dr. Rosario Pereda. She is a retired dental professor. 20 years at University Baja California. The dentist I see is Silvia. See a trend here. Silvia is sharp,smart and gentle. She has done multiple procedures that I am very satisfied with. The charges are always 60 to 65 pct less than stateside. A normal crown is $180. The last time I was there I had a broken crown, went in on Fri. without an appointment. Came back on Sat. for it to be installed. Then went for fish tacos and a cerveza. That procedure stateside could take two to three weeks to complete while they tried to sell you something every time you sat in the chair. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have more questions or advice on dental in Algodones. I’m in Yuma every winter. That goes for your readers also. By the way you need a passport, but in and out is simple and painless.


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