Making Plans

First off, I found my glasses! Just as I suspected, they turned up shortly after I got the new ones. They were on a desk in the house. It’s in a little cubby in the hallway, with dark countertop and my glasses just blended right in! Now I sorta remember sitting there to read the manual for the thermostat.  So now I have a spare pair; that’s good, and I’m so glad I found them before I left here!

My Chromebook had what I thought was it’s final deadly stroke….it’s been having little mini-strokes for a couple months but last week  it shut down and would not restart. So I ran out to Walmart and bought a new one, which I hated. So I ordered one from Amazon. One of the worst things about it was that the speakers were so bad, I had to put the whole thing up to my ear in order to hear anything!  I ended up being out the money for TWO new Chromebooks for awhile, as I didn’t return the Walmart one until I’d received the newest one.  In the meantime, after 4 days the old one woke up…..turns out it was apparently just in a coma. Now it’s working but still takes sudden naps from time to time, so it really is on it’s last legs. (And I love the new one!)

Last fall I left my kayak and paddle at a friend’s house in Michigan, thinking I’d be back up there this summer to pick it up. But now I’m not going to Michigan; I’m headed back out west! So I sadly asked my friend to sell them for me, which he did. I got $350 for the boat and $275 for the paddle so my savings account is heaving a big sigh of relief! I had drained it down to $3.56, purchasing those two new Chromebooks.

I also removed the two pair of Yakima kayak saddles from my cartop, and am trying to sell them though I don’t seem to have any takers. I’m terrified that I’m going to have to somehow find room in the car and haul them around with me when I leave. They’re pretty bulky but they do affect muy gas mileage so would rather not have to put them back on. So now there is nothing on my car roof……how the heck am I gonna find my car in a parking lot?? It was great when I carried the kayak; it made it really easy to spot. Even when I just had the saddles on top, that helped. Now I’ll probably spend hours wandering the parking lots looking for a beige Highlander that looks just like so many others.

I am having a ball researching my next trip to Wyoming and Colorado! For me, the planning is half the fun. I haven’t been to either of those places since the 70’s so it’s all new!  I plan to leave on July 21! I hope I can get all that stuff back into the car; it looks like a huge pile! I threw away the old broken solar panel, though that didn’t really take up much space. The glass bits were starting to loosen and fall all over the place.

My “garden” is going along OK, the green pepper plant is only 9″ tall  and has only one pepper on it, but it is growing nicely. I probably will just harvest it right before I leave and not try to carry it to Wyoming.  The celery is doing great and I will take that with me. I figured it out, that one little green pepper cost me around $7 for the plant, 2 pots and potting soil. I can buy an organic green pepper for arounjd $2.50 in the store! Oh well.

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8 replies on “Making Plans”

Must be so exciting to be hitting the road again! Have you tried blowing dust out of the Chromebook with pressurized air? Mine used to shut down all the time, too, and it ended up that it was happening because it was overheating.


Hi Janis- Do you know how inspirational you are? I’m heading towards 64 and seems a lot happens with our health during this decade. It’s reassuring to see you bounce back again and again (didn’t you once mention one of those punchy toys that bounce back up?) You are a good example of how we continue to have new interests and places to go as we age, and need to give up or modify some of the things we enjoyed in our younger years.

As I said once before, I am binge reading your blog (gave up on rvsue for awhile- may never catch up 🙂 It has inspired me over the last month as I pack the new to us Casita for a 1 month trip out to Death Valley and back. You’ve made me change up my clothing selection a few times in favor of some warmer clothes and I’ve gotten another sleeping bag as insurance on cold nights.

You haven’t posted recently but you did respond to me a few days ago so I’m hoping that means you are doing well!


Wow, thank you for the kind words! I am well. I only post once a week or two, when there’s something worth writing about. Mostly my life is fairly boring, LOL! Good luck on your trip and I’m sure you will enjoy your Casita!


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