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Is This Heaven? No, it’s Wyoming.

IS THIS HEAVEN? No, it’s Wyoming.  But it IS heavenly! First we went to Lake Hattie Recreation Area, a free BLM area west of Laramie. It had a boat launch and very pretty lake but there was no shade at all, and it was a little too warm.  I think I saw white pelicans on the lake!! Seems very wrong to see pelicans in Wyoming….maybe that’s not what they are? Anyone know?   And check out those snowy peaks in the distance!



I also got all excited because I saw a critter swimming….I thought it might be a beaver, or muskrat. Turned out to be an old Golden Retriever, swimming around chasing rocks that a girl was throwing. Later I saw the dog resting in the water while the girl sat on shore. So sweet!


I was fairly content to stay in one spot for awhile, after 6 days of hard driving! But this grassland area was not the Wyoming I came to see, so I packed up at headed for the Snowy Range Scenic Highway 130, which runs between Laramie and Saratoga.  I noticed along the way to Hwy. 130 that hardly any of the homes I passed had any trees. That’s the first thing I’d do if I had land there; plant some trees! And NONE of them had any flowers!  Haven’t they ever heard of Curb Appeal?!

Frankly the highway between Laramie and Centennial is not very scenic unless you really like grasslands and cows. Finally right before Centennial it starts to climb into the mountains and pretty pine forests appear. I headed into the Medicine Bow Nat. Forest and stopped at the ranger station to check on the Keystone Fire situation. I couldn’t figure out exactly where it is from here, but there’s no smoke here at all and I think it’s miles and miles away. We’ve been getting some pretty good rains so I hope that’s helped.


We are about 5 miles west of Centennial, (Sand Lake Road) at a large clearing in the pines. There are 4 massive 5th wheels here, and little ol’ me. It is beautiful, and the elevation is around 8200’ so it’s nice and cool. It’s been in the low 70’s during the day and 40 at night. I think it’s time to dig out the heater….when it’s 40 out, it’s 50 inside and that’s a tad bit chilly for me. It just seems to wrong to be using heat in July, but I’m loving it! And it smells like Christmas here! There’s not much shade here either but I managed to wedge the camper in between two smallish trees, so I do have shade at least part of the day. Roxie LOVES it here and wants to be outside all the time. The only downside is that there’s no cell or wifi signal at all, which might make me crazy after a day or two. I will send this out when I go to town.


I have to relearn high altitude cooking. This is about the same altitude as where I lived in Ecuador, and I remember now that just because something is boiling, it doesn’t mean it’s hot! Crazy, huh?

roxie wy

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7 replies on “Is This Heaven? No, it’s Wyoming.”

Hi Janus, Yes, those are pelicans and we have them here in Idaho and you’ll seem them around West Yellowstone too, anywhere there is a large lake with plenty of fish. We took a tour of Wyoming year before last over the Togwotee Pass up to Greybull, then back in through Yellowstone. This year we hope to go back over to the Tetons or around there in FS CGs, but outside of the park for less crowds.


Thanks for letting us know about great places to boondock, my wife loves a more isolated feel of places like that! First time we noticed your awning! Do you have a post about how you got one (or built it)? We’d like to get one too!


Hello Jerry & Lisa, I made the awning myself. It’s very simple but a little too much to give directions here. I will take some close-up photos and try to give directions in a future post!


Look forward to your post on how to make it! We’ve been lucky to have our Aliner parked on the north side of a hill on our family acreage near Sleeping Bear Dunes. But when we finally take it out camping cross country an awning like yours looks like just the ticket we need! Just made a purchase on Amazon to help support your travels. Thanks for sharing with us all!


Wyoming! I had a dream about Wyoming recently! I’ve never been there but I am surprised by how exactly the image of it in my dreams matches these pictures, in particular the second picture of the mountain and water. It’s naturally pastel but not at all shallow, as some usually think of pastels.


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