I was going to try to drive through Rocky Mt. National Park today, but I wanted to leave at about 6 a.m. to avoid all the traffic jams. But Roxie woke me up to go out at 4:15 this morning and that was way too early. She didn’t wake me again until nearly 7:00 and that was too late. She’s a really crappy alarm clock. I’ll try again on Monday; I know for sure that I don’t want to go there on the weekend.

I picked up a free daily newspaper and I guess things are not too exciting here. This is from the police blotter: “It was reported at 4:59 p.m. that a domesticated rabbit was at large on the 400 block of Fifth St. in Granby.  The rabbit was located and taken into custody.”

I decided to bite the bullet and spend the money to have a buffet breakfast on Saturday or Sunday….a restaurant in town called Fat Cat has a fantastic buffet with PIE! (You know how I love pie) And all kinds of other good desserts too. I went today and asked how much it was though…$14.95! So sad, I can’t spend that on a breakfast, no matter how good. Their regular breakfast menu items started at $10.95. Darn!  I guess I am really out of touch with reality as far as restaurant prices go.

Later in the week:

I went to the rodeo in Granby! How fun!! I only went to the Junior Rodeo because it started at 3:00 and I wouldn’t have to drive home after dark. I’m not really sure I could find my campsite in the dark!  They had barrel racing, pole weaving, and then some goat events…the little kids 3-5 years old had to run to a tethered goat, snatch a ribbon off it’s tail and run back. The little bit older kids had to tie a ribbon on the goat’s tail (and goats wag their tails a lot!) and the big kids had to ride their horses up, jump off, throw the goat on it’s side and tie it’s legs together.  All pretty fun for everyone but the poor goats! They switched the goats out after every 5 or 6 kids.






Then the calf roping, and I had to leave after that because it was getting late and Roxie was home all alone. I’d been there for more than 3 hours; there were 300 entries in the Jr. Rodeo!! The littlest kid couldn’t get her horse to move at more than a walk because her little legs stuck straight out to the sides, and when she tried to kick the horse, she only kicked the saddle!



Finally got to drive through Rocky Mountain National Park on Monday morning! I left at 6 a.m. and got back at about 10:00 (90 miles rd. trip) It was beautiful but I didn’t see a single animal!! Last time I was there (in the 70’s) there were bear and moose all over the roads! I was very disappointed. As I was coming back into Grand Lake, two pretty little mule deer crossed the road in front of me, LOL.


I’m thinking about leaving here because it’s been hot…well into the 80’s, and I have no shade. It’s pretty miserable, but I can’t find any nice cool places nearby; it seems to be hotter than normal all over. I’m at 8880′ elevation, and it SHOULD be nice and cool!

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I’m in a place with no cell signal (even in town!) and very poor wifi… won’t download any photos and I can barely pick up email. Will update as soon as I can!


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