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We had the MOST traumatic experience the other day! The sky got dark and it started to thunder. Roxie was in her little exercise pen outside and she’s terrified of thunder, so I got her and put her in the camper while I went to close the car windows. Just as I opened the camper door again, there was another big thunder and she shot out the door like a rocket and started running up the track to the road! I’ve seen her do this before; she goes into a blind panic and pays no attention to me. I tried to run her down but she’s MUCH faster than I am (especially since I can really only trot, not run). I followed her up to the road to see which way she went, then “ran” back to get the car. I had to spend time getting it turned around and then I have to go very slow on the track because it’s really rocky. By the time I got to the road, she was out of sight but I kept going and pretty soon saw her trotting along. I drove past her a little bit and got out and said “You wanna go in the car?” She came to me then and I put her in the car and drove back. Phew! We both shook and panted for a long time. That much exertion at 10,000′ elevation is really exhausting, plus we were both terrified, if for different reasons. If she had gone off the road into the woods, I would never have found her!  That’s what I kept thinking as I was chasing her; “Well, that’s the last time I’ll ever see her”.

She has also been waking me up at night every two hours or so. OH it’s so hard to have to get up, get dressed, and take her out every two hours! (Though the stars here are amazing) I thought maybe she had a urinary tract infection except that she’s just fine during the day! She can go 5-6 hours in the daytime. So I don’t know; it’s a mystery. Last night she was almost back to normal; she woke me at 12:45 to go out but then was fine until I woke up at 6:45. Boy it’s nice to be able to sleep; hope her two-hour intervals are a thing of the past.

This was one of the sunrises I got to see, thanks to Roxie waking me at 5:15.



This is a better photo of my long-range view from the campsite.  Some days are clearer than others.DSCN7873

Boy I’m just noticing that my poor arthritic fingers are pain-free! I attribute it to being a year in this nice dry climate. I even have stopped taking Cat’s Claw, which really did help a lot. I’ll put a link below for what I was taking; if you have arthritis, it might be worth a try.

Sometimes I just leave the camper door open since there aren’t many bugs here, and almost every time I do, I get a tiny visitor….a Roufous Hummingbird comes buzzing in, makes a few laps around the inside of the camper, then buzzes back out! I’ve never seen a  brown hummingbird before. Here’s a picture (from the internet)


We got a good rain the other day and I have a new leak. Water was dripping out from the light fixture in the roof! Yikes, that doesn’t seem safe, though I think shocks from 12V are not nearly as bad as shocks from 110V. Still….I just can’t figure out where the leaks are coming from.

There are some really nice rocks around here; lots of quartz. I’m tempted to start collecting again, though the ones I REALLY like are the huge ones.

Here are a few Amazon product links. It would help me a lot if you need something from Amazon, to use one of these links to access Amazon. From there you can use their Search bar to get everything you need! Thank you!

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Wow, Janis, what a frightening experience, so glad that Roxy is ok. And hooray for a better night’s sleep. Your photos are beautiful. I am heading for a trip to Arizona in October, not camping just sightseeing, but your report is making me longing for Colorado, Wyoming, etc, have not been there in years. I am glad to read that the dry climate is helping you. Thanks for sharing your experiences.


Oh my goodness! I’m so happy to hear that you caught up to and got Roxy. Poor thing. How frightening it must be for her to panic like that. On her getting up through the night, I don’t know how old she is, but our Lab did that on one of our trips and we couldn’t figure it out either and she was fine during the day too. After getting home and taking her for a checkup, we discovered she was in pain due to arthritis. We just didn’t think about that and feel awful for her, but she takes a generic NSAID every other night and now sleeps through the night no matter where we are.


Thanks Cathy! Hope you enjoy AZ!! I’d tell you to stop in, but I’m out in the middle of absolutely nowhere, so it’s not likely you’ll come anywhere near me.


The photos are amazing, especially the sunrise.
I’m so glad Roxie is safe.
I’m going to look into cats claw. I use compression gloves at night when my hands hurt. Also arnica lotion for all the painful times. I went tent camping this past weekend with my son and granddaughter. So glad to be out again but really miss my old Aliner. Of all my campers, that was my favorite.
I often think of you and your travels.


Thank goodness you got her! That was my worst fear when I was camping. Once, I hurt my knee and could barely walk. I was all alone and Lizzie decided, at dusk, to take off after a deer (I had opened the door, she saw the deer and had no leash on). There was no way I could find her because she ran directly into the woods. I called her and called her to no avail. Then, in my panic and I mean panic, I yelled to Jack, “Find Lizzie” and he took off. The moment he disappeared I realized that now I may have lost both of them. I was frantic. Fortunately, I had trained them both to come to a military whistle with two blows (Jack always came, Lizzie was hit and miss) plus Jack rarely would leave me and I knew he would try to find her. It was one of the most harrowing 15 minutes of my life, but just as it was getting dark, out of the woods came Jack with Lizzie following him. I couldn’t sleep all night–cringing at the thought of not being able to find them–especially at night with who knows what kind of animals roaming.

I am so glad you found Roxie. I got so scared when I saw your title.


Oh my gosh, how scary!! Gool ol’ Jack. One time when camping I was lighting a campfire at someone else’s site and didn’t notice that I dropped the leash for my old Eng. Cocker Allie. It was dark and she was solid black, nearly blind, and deaf as a post! I hollered and hollered anyway, and looked all around, and finally went back to camp where she was waiting at the camper door!


They are funny. Sometimes I look for Bogey or Jonah and start to panic–and they are right behind me following me looking for them. DOH


That must have been scary. So glad you were able to find Roxie on the road.
What a beautiful view you have and have had, I have been doing catching up reading. Sounds like you are having a lovely summer. Minus the one incident with the ranger.
How wonderful that you have a hummingbird stop by to visit.
You and Roxie stay safe.

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