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Still in Silverton

In this little camping area there are only 7 or 8 sites. Seven are filled, and we have an interesting array of camping styles. There’s me in my mini-A-frame camper; a truck camper, a Class C RV, a cartop tent camper, a tent, a van  camper and a motorcycle popup camper! What an assortment!

Right across the river is another camping area (Sultan) that had 8 campers all crammed together, plus 3 utility trailers. It was a group of men who went around in camo and blaze orange, so I guess they were hunting. They used noisy generators (and not nice quiet Hondas; more like the cheap Harbor Freight kind). They all left yesterday and I noticed a huge rack of elk antlers in one of the trailers, so I guess at least one of them went home happy. So glad to see the generators leave! Now I can hear the river’s song again.

I found out there’s a Fat-Chance-Belly-Dance convention here in town this week! You don’t suppose that’s why there are so many campers here now? Surely not. Here’s the photo from the event ad…….hmmm.


I am missing my friends a lot today. I’m usually OK with being totally alone since I’m an Extreme Introvert, but even introverts need friends. And mine are all far far away, and busy with their own lives. I haven’t seen any of them for more than a year and a half!

We’ve been having brilliantly sunshiny days and cold nights….in the low 30’s! I see snow on the higher mountain peaks pretty often in the mornings. The daytime temps are only in the high 60’s but the sun makes it seem warmer. The fall colors are brilliant and very beautiful, but I just can’t capture it on camera.  


Between my campsite and town there’s a marijuana farm, offering free farm tours. The sign says you have to be over 21 to take the tour, and I wonder why. Surely they don’t give out free samples at the end of the tour??

I went to town today and saw 5 moose near the side of the road! There was one young bull, two cows and two half-grown calves. I got a couple pics of the bull but the others kept hiding in the bushes so  all my photos of them were the kind where you have to say “There’s a moose in that picture, really there is!”.



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Love your ongoing blog Janis, your photos are great. Are some of those aspen trees that I see? I am sure that it must be a bit lonely for you, I am also an introvert but it is nice to have company. Thank you for sharing info on the nature that you have encountered, as well as the various peculiarities of some of the areas (bell dancing?, lol). Do you have plans to head back east soon, I am sure that you will start to encounter snow out there before too long, and not just high in the mountains. Stay warm and safe, Cathy

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Thanks Cathy! No, I don’t have any plans to head east. I bought some land in Apache County, AZ (Northeast AZ) that I’ll be returning to in a few weeks. Oh and yes, they are Aspens.


Oh, you lucky dog. I got more excited about seeing a moose than I got seeing a bear! I think they are fascinating and to see more than one at a time–you hit the jackpot. Love (and understand) the name of the Fat Belly Dancing Contest. All those tattoos…ugh and ouch.

I’m so glad you stayed long enough to see the fall colors. Nothing competes with the Aspens. Did you know that all the Aspen in that one picture is only one tree? /

Again, safe drive home. Hope you solve your door problem soon.


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