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March Winds

The March Winds arrived in February this year! Aarrgh. I was hoping to get the house enclosed before that happened. There has been no progress on the house….though I have talked with Wyatt, and he’s still on board, he just hasn’t had any free time that meshed with a good weather day. Now that the winds are here, that will be even more difficult. There’s no way I can build a 9/12 pitch roof by myself; that was NEVER in the plans!  I am pretty sure he’ll make an effort to get it “dried in” before the hot weather hits. I sure hope so, as I really don’t want to have to take off for higher elevations again this summer.

I have been working hard on my health. I’ve really let things go lately. I had bloodwork done and everything was a little bit high….glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure. My doc (he’s actually a Nurse Practitioner, but who’s counting?) draws a pretty hard line on taking care of these things so I’ve had to reform my eating habits. And that’s good; I need someone to be cracking the whip. If I think I’m going to have to answer to someone, I’ll be good as gold. I ate like a pig for the past 6 months or so, I think because I was so unhappy with my living conditions. I felt as though I deserved a consolation prize, preferably something made of pure sugar.

He threatened me with having to take Metformin, which I hope I never have to do. I think at this point it would only be a crutch for me, leaning on the drug to do MY job of watching what I eat.

So after 7 weeks, I’ve lost 18# and have been able to reduce my blood pressure meds from 3 different meds, 4 pills a day to just one. I was so glad to ditch the diuretic, for obvious reasons!  He switched me to a calcium channel blocker because I’m getting stem cells in both knees in next month (yayyy!) and that’s the blood pressure type that’s most friendly to stem cell growth. I’ve got a handle on the glucose and I’m pretty sure the next time I check the cholesterol will be down also. I’m eating way more vegetables than I like, but so far it’s bearable. I actually am trying things I’ve never eaten before!  Like avocado. Just as I thought, I didn’t like it. I don’t like very many green things except pickles and green M&M’s.

I used to tell myself I was SURELY one of the 20% of people who are not affected by salt, but I can see now that’s not true. Sob…..I LOVE salt! But cutting out most salt has really made a huge effect on my blood pressure. I used to salt everything without even tasting it first, and I’m ashamed to say I even put salt on toast. And ham.  Now i get all giddy when I think I detect a grain of salt in a mouthful of food.  I still use salt, just very sparingly.

I’m not following any particular diet but am using some of the Dash Diet principles, and just trying to eat more sensibly. I don’t count carbs or calories because it’s just too difficult. I cook, I hardly ever eat processed foods or eat in restaurants so it’s too much of a hassle to add up all those ingredients.  I’m losing a little over 2# a week and that’s fine. It’s going to be a long slow process, probably around 9 months. But I’ve GOT to get the weight off my poor knees  or else the stem cell therapy will be a total waste of borrowed money. I had stem cells in my right knee 6.5 years ago and it was like a miracle cure which should have lasted about as long as a knee replacement, but my weight is a crushing burden for them.  Did you know that for every extra pound of weight you carry, it’s 4# additional pressure on your knees?! No wonder they hurt!!

In the past 6 weeks I’ve had 3 separate knee injuries. It seemed like they were taking turns. I think when I hurt one, I’d put a lot more weight and stress on the other one, so then it would pop too. My doc would fix me up with Traumeel injections and they’d be 90% better two days later, but something had to give. He had me get hinged knee braces for both knees and I wear them all day, and my knees don’t hurt at all right now!  The brace I decided on is comfortable to wear all day and it never slides down like so many do. I had a problem with one of the straps and contacted Customer Service and they mailed me a new brace that same day, via 2nd day air!!

So that’s about all that’s going on around here. I just wanted to let everyone know that Roxie and I are still alive & kicking. We are still getting some snow and I am SO ready for Spring!!

Here are a couple links to Amazon products. You can click on these links and once you’re at the Amazon site, use their Search Bar to find everything your heart desires. And thanks!

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Congratulations on your good health efforts! Hard to do, I know. As to your little house, have you thought about trying to find a strong, willing worker who would work for not a lot of money? You have the skills, just need some brawn!


I have a strong willing worker who will work for free, but his only available time is on Saturdays and somehow there never seems to be good weather on the days he’s available. This guy is an amazing carpenter and really knows what he’s going. I don’t want to hire some cheap yahoo who may or may not do a good job. I have the skills but hardly any men will listen to how *I* want things done; they’re all hell-bent on doing things the way they think it should be.


Hey there! Glad to hear that you’re doing so much better health wise! Hang in there, you’re doing a great job! I hope things take a turn for the better weather wise and you get your place enclosed and roof up before it gets too hot! I hope you got the money I sent you last month for your knee brace – please let me know if you didn’t so I can track it down! Take care and keep on doing you!


I did Denice, and I sent you a thank you! I guess you didn’t get it but I really appreciate the help! I think the knee braces are the reason my knees feel so good now.


Oh dear, oh no…I NEVER thought you were ungrateful…I was afraid that something had gone with the wire transfer and that you never received it. Sometimes when I try to do things using the internet in Ballenita, they don’t always go as planned, and I just wanted to make sure that the money didn’t get sent to the wrong person – or not at all. Another thing was that I wasn’t seeing any of the responses from the thread TOTALLY my fault because I didn’t know I had to click on the block to actually BE notified! It would NEVER occur to me that you would be ungrateful, and I am so sorry you thought I might actually think that. WHEW, glad it’s cleared up though!

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Janis, I am so happy to hear about your weight loss and improving health. I had lost 30 pounds and was feeling great. Then I started having stomach problems, and the only thing that soothed it was a stomach full of sweets. So now I’m dealing with worse stomach problems and trying, not too successfully, to lose the weight I gained back. Your two pounds a week loss is fantastic!

I am so anxious for your little home to be ready to move into. I try to imagine what you are going through during your interminable wait. I thought your purple storage shed looked like a doll house! Can’t wait to see the real house finished. God bless.

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Thanks Sharon! Oh that sugar, it’ll really wreak havoc! I’ve gotten afraid to even have the smallest amount of sweets, for fear I won’t be able to stop, LOL. I threw out some junk food but still have some candy here and some really good cookies. So far I am able to avoid their siren calls.


I just hear about your blog through a friend. I swear we could be twins with the eating habits. But I am veru interesting in your building and your property. I live in Tucson and I want out of here. Going to go back to the begining of your blog and work forward. Take of yourself


I love to read about where people have traveled also. But I am also interesting in your build and property. I am wanting to do the same I need to sell my house and that is a big step. I own to much JUNK! Starting to get rid of stuff need to have a yard sale.

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I guess I am lucky in a way; I didn’t have much “stuff” to begin with. I moved back to the US from Ecuador with only 2 suitcases! I did have the fully-stocked camper in storage at a friend’s house, but very little excess belongings. Best of luck to you! You know you can build anything in Cochise County (Benson area) without a building permit; they have a waiver you can sign. Some other AZ counties like Coconino now have Tiny House Building Codes, but I think Apache County (and maybe Greenlee, but there’s nothing there!) is the only one where you can get away with building a tiny house without going through the permitting & inspection processes.


I have a little idea of where you are as I stayed in Lakeside and Pinetop for a few summers a few years ago. I love it there and that is where I want to go back to full time. I am wondering why you bought the shed in Tucson and not up there. Just wondering because I don’t want to go to the same place you did and have the same problem.
I hope you will be able to get your tiny home finished soon.
We sure did have a strange winter. The morning it snowed was a little exciting as I had not seen that much snow here since 1992. We have had little snow flurries since but nothing like this year. You can e-mail me at I don’t want to be a pest but I do have some questions about how you found your property and a few other things.


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