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Wind, snow, rain……

The wind is here with a vengeance. Day after day, winds of 30-55 mph so we spend nearly all of our time indoors. On May 20 we had snow off & on all day! It would accumulate enough to cover the ground, then melt, then we’d get blizzardy conditions again, etc. etc. I am grateful though, that the temperatures have been very cool, highs in the high 50’s for the past week or more, and nights in the high 30’s, low 40’s.  This is nearly 20 degrees below normal! Temps are slated to reach the low 70’s starting tomorrow and since I’m “allergic” to hot temps, I’m fine with this.  I just wish the wind would stop. It seems like the high winds usually only last until mid-June….hope so. I am ready to start working on the house again.  Of course that’s real easy for me to SAY while it’s impossible to work!

Oh, I just looked out and it’s snowing like crazy again.  Sigh…I guess we can use the moisture.

My guest Jeff and his Australian Cattle Dog “Manny” are working out well; they’re no trouble at all.  Jeff keeps to himself and so do I. I do feel really bad for him to have to be cooped up in his teeny teardrop trailer because of all this wind though. He had a nice little setup with a 10×10 canopy that had a tarp across the back on the windward side, but it blew all to pieces on the first 50 mph wind day so he had to remove the canopy and cover everything up. With the cool temps and that wind, it feels more like the 30’s out there, so being inside is a must.

My nylon canopy is holding up very well in the wind, even though it’s not properly anchored down yet.  As I had hoped, it has solved the problem of my horrendous camper leak. (I have looked many times and can’t find where the water is getting in)

Jeff has asked if he can stay here for a few months, and has offered $100 a month rent. Since  lost the extra income from Amazon, I decided to take him up on his offer. The only real drawback to having him living on the property is that I have to be fully dressed when I go outside.  There is a large cedar tree between his camper and mine though, so there’s still a good bit of privacy for us both. Pat, a mutual friend, is planning on coming to this area to buy a large piece of land in August, and at that time Jeff & Manny will move onto Pat’s property, perhaps permanently.  I was thinking it might be really nice to have someone else around when I’m up on the ladder doing construction, in case I fall on my head or some stupid thing.

With the rain and snow came green grass and FLOWERS! Lots and lots of these pretty purple flowers have sprung up everywhere. I love looking out at them….color here in the desert is so rare! I was worried about them during the wind and snow but they came through just fine. Good hardy desert plants!



Remember Deb, who traveled with me a couple years ago? She is coming to visit! I am very excited; I haven’t seen any of my friends for at least a year and a half, maybe longer.  She’s stopping off for a day or two while on her way to Pahrump, NV where she’s going to buy an older 5th wheel in an RV resort where she has a membership.






4 replies on “Wind, snow, rain……”

This wind is horrible and I am house bound to because of my allergies. I’m loving the lower temps for this time of year but they are forecasting higher temps are on the way.
I guess it was a good thing I didn’t head up there yet with it still snowing on and off. Not having heat in my little camper would not be fun. Maybe I can head up next month and start looking for a little piece of property.


My guest doesn’t have heat in his camper either but he’s making do with a very heavy sleeping bag. I have a really small heater he could use but his teardrop camper is all bed, so there’s no place to put it. I feel bad for him.


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