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It’s Got A Roof! Part 2

Well I guess we were over-optimistic about getting the roof done in two days. The problem is, they’ve only worked 7 hours total in the past two days! I believe our estimate was right, that it’s a 12 hour job for two guys. But it’s going to take 3 days.

They were supposed to show up at 10 a.m. today but Doug, yesterday’s helper, decided at the last minute that he didn’t want to work. It’s too hard, his shoulder hurts, blah blah blah. So Tyler had to find someone else to help, and they didn’t get here til about 11:30. Then they had to leave at 3:30 today!

They did get the rafters on the bedroom bump-out, all the plywood on and part of the drip edge. They’ll come back Sunday to finish up the drip edge, tarpaper, shingles and roof vent.

Tyler has a really cool contraption that lifts heavy sheets of plywood or sheetrock! It sure comes in handy, especially when you need to lift it way up in the air.



Tyler mentioned that I’d better not wait too long to do the siding, because our fierce winds could come in under that roof and lift the whole thing up in the air! So I guess I’m going to go get another Balance Transfer on my VISA card (gulp!) on Monday and do the siding. The materials alone will cost nearly $500. Plus labor, but I’ll be putting myself to work and Tyler won’t bring a helper. I’d say that it should go fast, but you know about those Famous Last Words. I’m not making any predictions!!

Before Monday, I’ve got to fill in the studs in the gable ends and put the cross-members in the window openings. It’s suddenly gotten hotter here (81-85 degrees predicted for the next 10 days) so I’ll need to get out there early. I melt easily in heat!



8 replies on “It’s Got A Roof! Part 2”

So glad to hear things are moving forward. Hoping things go smoothly with getting it all dried in.
Looking forward to further updates! Be safe.


WOW! you have a roof! I think this guy is on the up and up. Hope you can get in before monsoons come. At this rate I think that is very possible.


I am very optimistic about that too! Once it’s enclosed I’ll have to work real hard on getting it wired (for 12 volt), plumbed and insulated so I can move in. I’ve got about 5 weeks until Monsoon starts.


Janis, I am in awe of your design. Wow!!! What a great job you and Tyler have done. Your wee little home is really happening.

And it is so much nicer than that shed you had was! Your patience and persistence paid off!


Thank you, TinyCamper! I know people thought the first shed was really cute, but I really didn’t. To me it was just a box. I’m loving this design…..something unique!


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