Roof Saga Continues

My roof is now 99% complete! It just lacks a bit of shingle trimming, and I told Tyler to hold off on doing that until it’s less windy. He is afraid of heights and the house sways a LOT in the nearly 40 mph winds we’ve been having. Adding the siding should stop the sway, so it will be much easier for him to trim the shingles once that is done. He did a great job on the roof framing but I am not happy with the shingling job at all.  I’m trying to just “let it go”. Thankfully you can only see the roof from a small area of the road and a small area of the driveway. Basically they installed them wrong. I thought it sounded wrong but I’ve never worked with architectural shingles before, and he sounded SO sure about what he was doing! In addition to overlapping the shingle rows, which of course you’re supposed to do, he also overlapped the sides of the shingles, which you are definitely not supposed to do. It resulted in a lumpy-looking roof with the shingle pattern all messed up. I did make him add some roofing tar under the shingles that were sticking up, so hopefully our high winds won’t catch and rip them.


I have asked Tyler to help me with the siding too, so I have been studying exactly how to do it, so we won’t screw that up. We are going to Lowes to pick up the siding soon. We were all ready to go on Tuesday morning but in the middle of the night Monday, his friend and business partner (also named Tyler) and his dad  were involved in a domestic dispute, were both shot by their brother/son and airlifted to Phoenix, so my Tyler had to take a couple days off to help the family.  Here’s the news story, if you’re interested:

I’m hoping to hear from Tyler soon on when we can start back on construction. Frankly I was more than ready to take a little break; 70 year old me trying to keep up with a wiry 30 year old carpenter was taking its toll on me! I didn’t cook or do dishes for 4 straight days; I’d just come in and collapse on the bed, usually ready for sleep by 8 pm.  Obviously, he works at a MUCH faster pace than I. I was the go-fer, bringing shingles, nails and other supplies  to them up on the roof; picking up trash, etc. while also measuring and cutting the short studs that fill in the gable ends.  Every time I’d take shingles up on the ladder to them, when they would take the shingles from me, a bunch of those little shingle granules would fall in my hair. Nice. I’ve washed my hair twice since then and I’m still finding those little granules in my hair!

Here’s one of the gable end studs:


The short studs that go in the gable ends are tricky little monsters; they need to be angled to meet the roof pitch plus have a notch cut out to fit behind the 2×6’s that form the gable roof, so I’ll have something to nail to on the outside and the inside.  And following the roof rise,  every one needs to be a different length. Finicky work, not my favorite. I’d be working more on that right now except that Tyler folded up the big ladder. When I thought I was going to have to build the roof myself, I bought one of those big multi-position ladders that makes a 20′ extension ladder, 9.5′ stepladder or a 3′ high scaffold. It never occurred to me that it might be too heavy for me to lift! It weighs 40#!! I guess that wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s big and awkward to boot. It sure has come in handy though, all I have besides that is an 8′ extension ladder and 6′ stepladder. They never would have been able to build the roof using those.

Hey did you know that if you fall down while wearing two knee braces, you can’t get back up? Huh, neither did I, until the other day.  I was getting some groceries out of the car and stepped on a rock and fell backwards onto my back. Every time I tried putting my hand down to push myself up, it landed on pickers. Ow. It seems the braces don’t let me bend my knees enough to be able to get up on my knees. I really did need a Life-Alert!! I felt like a turtle unable to right itself. Finally I gave up and hollered for Jeff, and he came and hoisted me back up. Sheesh.

The weather’s heating up!! Temps are now in the mid to upper 80’s. Ugh…time to get this house enclosed!!!




7 replies on “Roof Saga Continues”

Should’ve watched a youtube video on shingling before he started, that’s where I go when I’m not sure of something. Good luck with the rest, looks good


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