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The Big Reveal…The Snuggery!

Ta-Da! THIS IS IT, my baby house! Isn’t it just the cutest tiny house ever???  Well I think so. I was afraid this day would NEVER get here! I was hoping to have it a little farther along but it’s going to take more time than I thought, so here’s what it looks like right now.

Big Reveal2

There will be a little covered front porch, just 30″ deep. And hopefully some gingerbread trim at the roof peak, but I’m having some trouble with that.

I posted the picture to Facebook and it got more comments than any other post of mine! Everyone was very complimentary. I think a lot of them seemed surprised; they probably thought I was building some boring little box. Hah! I asked for name suggestions and got some good ones, but decided to go with one I’ve had in the back of my mind for a couple years:  The Snuggery. It means a snug, cozy, comfortable place.

I thought it a good time to show the costs of the completed shell. Naturally it came to more than I thought it would, because I had to hire more labor than I ever imagined. I thought it would cost about $2000 in materials, but that was actually $500 too high!I am pretty sure this is accurate, because I recorded every box of nails, every paintbrush, etc.  I did not include the costs of tools purchased.

Foundation and Subfloor                                                                                         $  648    Exterior Walls (stud walls, siding, house wrap, etc) Incl. $300 Labor            $1296        Roof:  Including $600 Labor                                                                                     $1206        Door, Windows  & hardware                                                                                   $  383                                                                                                                                                          $3533

Locally you can buy an 8×12 storage shed with the same number windows and a house-type door for about the same price but it would have a very shallow roof angle, no roof & soffit ventilation, and it would be just a plain square box, it would have no interesting architectural details like mine does. Who wants to live in a plain box?! Not me. So. Let us hear no more helpful suggestions about “Gee maybe you should have kept the purple shed”. Look at this house, and go back and look at the purple shed below. (Jan. 2018 post) Yeah, it’s kinda cute, but there’s just NO COMPARISON!! Let us hear no more about the purple shed.



It took a terribly long time to get the siding done; a job that should have taken maybe 3 days. The guys I hired have zero work ethic, and no communication skills. They’d say they were coming the next day, then never show up and not call or text, either. I really think there’s some substance abuse problem going on there. When they did show up, it would be usually 10:30-11:00 and they’d only work til 2:30. Then Tyler got a piece of wood in his eye and lost a few days, then the 35-40 mph winds returned, blah blah blah. So the siding job dragged out for more than two weeks. I was SO anxious to get it done and painted so I could show it off, I nearly lost my mind. It’s close to being done on the outside, but there’s still more work to do and I worry that Tyler will never show up again, because the two trickiest places to fit are still not done.

I guess the question that’s on everyone’s mind now is “when will I move in?” Well, I’ll move in as soon as it’s more comfortable than living in the camper. Technically I guess that would be once it’s insulated. But before it’s insulated I have to run the 12V wiring and the plumbing drain lines. I’m thinking about taking a shortcut though. I plan to use foam insulation, and I need to get 2″ and 1.5″ sheets in order to fill the cavities between the 2×4 wall studs. That’ll cost around $500 and I don’t have that, so in order to speed things up, I’m thinking I could buy the 1.5″ thick sheets ($220) and install them. That would leave space for the wiring and plumbing lines plus the 2″ thick sheets later on, and maybe it would be enough insulation to make the house comfortable enough to move into!  So far the house is very energy-efficient. Since we got the door on, I’ve been checking and the temp inside the camper has been 88-89 but inside the house, only 80. I want to move in NOW! (I hate heat)

I’d have to jerry-rig a kitchen counter and build some kind of temporary bed but that’s OK. I have a portable 2-burner propane cooktop with oven, a dorm-size 1.9 cu. ft. propane fridge, and a nice Kohler cast iron kitchen sink. I’m not sure how complicated it is to hook up a propane fridge, but I do know that the RV place charges around $200 to do it (including the cost of coming out here). So I guess I’d have to continue using the ice chest for awhile longer, but it could be INSIDE the house! Wow, now THAT would be real luxury, not to have to go outside to get food!  I’m sure ice would last much longer if it was in the house too, not sitting out in the heat.  And I could have my comfortable chair, and even the TV, for watching DVD’s!  Wow. I’m getting all googly-eyed.

I admit that the weather here is really crappy. If it’s not too hot or too cold, it’s too windy or snowy. Oh and did I mention we had quarter-sized hail the other day? I can’t comment on the monsoon weather because I haven’t experienced it  yet, but just the word “monsoon” doesn’t bring pleasant images to mind. BUT to make up for it, we don’t have mosquitoes, ticks, or other biting insects; no rattlesnakes, tarantulas or scorpions. I have just discovered there is a very annoying insect though. I guess last year I left for the higher elevations before they emerged…..Face Flies! They are about half the size of a house fly and at first I thought they were baby house flies that were too stupid to know where to go. They don’t bite but they want to suck the moisture from eyes and noses. So they get right in your face and just won’t quit. Aarrrgh!! They live around cattle, and this is free range territory. You can’t eradicate them because they lay their eggs in cow manure in pastures. And I’ve not found any repellents that work against flies. I really hate them!

Good news from the doctor’s office Thursday though! Remember three months ago I finished up the Supartz injections of artificial joint fluid, and then the following week I had PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) injections in both knees. Well yesterday he had me swing my legs back and forth slowly while he held my kneecap, and…..hardly any grinding and crunching!! (It’s officially called crepitus) So one or both of the procedures worked! My knees never hurt any more but I’m still wearing the braces any time I’m going to be on my feet for very long, and they also help a lot. But….sweet success! And I’m up to 41# of weight lost. Yay. Every pound of excess weight is about 4# of pressure on the knees, so that’s a whopping 164# of pressure relief!  If you are wondering what diet I’m on, I’m not really on any specific one. I’m not just trying to lose weight, at the same time I’m trying to reverse my diabetes, so I have to take that into consideration. I’ve greatly reduced my carbs. My diet is simple…..if it tastes good, spit it out.




30 replies on “The Big Reveal…The Snuggery!”

So happy for you Janis, I know you’ve worked long and hard to get this far! It’s looking fabulous! I gotta ask though, is it camera angle that makes it look like it lists to the left?!?!? Other than that, it’s just perfect and I hope you’re moved and settled in real soon! On another note, I LOVE that you’ve done so well with your diet, although the line “if it tastes good, spit it out” had me blowing my morning coffee through my nose!!! Hugs to you and Princess Roxie!


Thanks Denise! Uhhh…I just got out the big level, and I assure you it’s not listing to the left! It does kinda look that way in the pic though, LOL. Sorry about that morning coffee mishap.


WOW! it is adorable, I kept checking and checking a couple times a day to see if you posted. I figured the guy either never showed up again or you were waiting for the big surprise and it was a wonderful surprise. What size bed are you using? If I manage to get up that way after the 4th I have a frame that is a little smaller than a twin someone made for me but it just didn’t work for my itty bitty camper space. It isn’t very pretty but it works, she made it out of PVC pipe and painted it blue. I just hope it will fit in my truck with all the other stuff. There is room under the bed to store things.


So very happy for you Janis! It is adorable! I heard the same thing when I was building my gypsy wagon. “It would be so much easier if you just did a regular roof line” . My response was, “If I wanted a SHED I would have bought one”!
Love how it has come out.
I think it’s a good idea to get what insulation in now so you can get in it, and given that you can add another over it as you get the money is a perfect solution.
You should be proud!
Be safe and enjoy your accomplishments!


If you plan on just having a 5 or 10 gallon propane tank you can just run a hose to the fridge. It just screws on like any other propane appliance. So glad you are feeling so fit!


Really? That’s great news, maybe I wouldn’t need anybody to actually install it!! I don’t need to hook up a power source. And I can run the little stove you sold me off a separate bulk tank. Yay!


Congratulations on all this progress…on the Snuggery, on your weight loss, and on your knees! I went away for a while from any blog reading, but came back today to see you’ve done well for yourself. Very happy for you!


Hi Janis! Oh yes, it’s finished and I’ve been living in it for what, the last three years? I love living in a home I built by myself, for myself, and you will too.
I remember now, after catching up on your posts, how much I enjoy your writing. Now to sit back and see what happens next. 🤗

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Oh, what a beautiful house! Congratulations to you and all the hard work, plus putting up with help with no work ethics. We had that with a job we had done at our house and turns out he was a drug addict.


I love the house! It’s so cute! It does beat that purple shed by a mile. Glad your knees are better and hope those guys get the house finished soon!


Hi Janis. I’ve read that Pine Sol repels flies from a campsite. I haven’t tried it, but it may be worth passing on. I LOVE your house!


Janis, You don’t know me. My name is Patricia. I found out about you through an aliner sight and have following you since you started your search for a place to call home. I admire your tenacity and spirit. You don’t give up. Congratulations on your darling little house. I am glad you stuck with your vision. I also love the comment you made about your diet. “If it tastes good spit it out”. I find as I am aging that is the way it is. I will continue to follow you and look forward to future posts. Thank you for letting me take this adventure with you. Take care.


Janis, what a cute “Baby House” you have built. Great colors and flower boxes. Way, way better then the purple box. Looks like a special place you and Roxie can call home.
Glad to read your knees are doing so much better. Plus, you weight loss is wonderful. Keep on keeping on lady.


Congratulations, Janis! Your Snuggery is adorable! I admire you for not giving up on the idea for your sweet home! It is unique, one of a kind! 😊


Hahahah, love that last sentence! Your house is wonderful. I would love to do something like that, but in a different area! Can’t have everything! Hugs to you…


Thanks, kk2scoot! I would prefer to live in a different area too, but this is what I could afford, and it’s a place where these types of homes are common. Well not as nice as MINE, of course, but there are lots of storage shed homes.


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