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A Woman’s Work is Never Done

I’ve been working pretty steadily, though I usually only work from 5:30 til about 8 a.m. (Assuming I can drag out of bed at 5:30) After that it’s just too hot for me, and I spend the rest of the day lounging around reading.  Here’s the house as it is now. Not much different, but I did get the molding around the door and I added the pink gingerbread gingerbread trim. I made that gingerbread myself! The corbels I bought to use there & on the future porch are at a 90° angle which would have been perfect for the 12/12 pitch roof I’d planned, but I changed the pitch to 10/12 so it didn’t fit at all. I tried shimming it out and it looked terrible, so I just tried to duplicate the others but at the correct angle. It’s pretty crude but since it’s up high, I think it’s OK.

house pink 7 27

My doctor gave me some base molding that he had left over from a mother-in-law apartment that he built! I figured it up and the amount I need to do the base molding for the whole interior is….13 feet!! Hahaha! One whole wall is kitchen cabinets so I don’t need any there, another whole wall will be a storage shelving unit, so none there, there won’t be any in front of the exterior door, or closet and bathroom doors. So there was plenty of it left for me to use as door molding. It’s not exactly the right thing but it’ll do. The molding I was using for the windows was too narrow to cover the big gap on the one side of the door…..instead of centering the door in the opening, Tyler set the hinge side snug against the studs which left a giant gap on the other side.  (I’m finding lots of things that Tyler didn’t do Quite Right.) Oh yeah, I kinda fired him.  I was nice about it but the week he wanted off to take care of his kids had stretched out to a month!

I’ve been dealing with some health issues, and I couldn’t even begin to tell you if it’s serious or not. I just don’t know yet. I had to get a CT scan of my brain and now I have to get an MRI for further clarity. Poor little brain! I think it’s just overworked.  I have been having speech difficulties; lisping and slurring and sounding like a drunk. (It’s much better already) The CT scan didn’t show any reason for it so for now my doctor is calling it an unknown brain inflammation, and I’m on a 6 day course of Prednisone which is supposed to take care of that.  Oh how I hate that stuff!! It’s already raising my glucose readings into the stratosphere, after I worked SO hard to bring them down! I just started it today. I sure hope it doesn’t cause me to be even MORE irritable than I already am.  Nobody likes a cranky-pants. The only good thing is that now I can use “brain damage” as an excuse for forgetting and doing dumb things!

Getting the CT scan was a bit of adventure; I couldn’t afford to have it done at the local hospital because it costs around $3000-4000. I decided to drive to Phoenix and get it done for $124 at an imaging center. My car’s air conditioner is broken and it was going to be 106-108° in Phoenix so I reserved a rental car. Well they called me at 7:15 that morning and said they wouldn’t have a car for me until 3 pm. My appointment was at 4:15 so obviously that wouldn’t work! I had to drive my own car. I left within minutes of getting that call in order to try and beat the worst of the heat. I got there around noon and went to a friend’s house; she drove me to the appointment in her nice air-conditioned car. I left at 5:15 a.m. the next morning so I could get outta there while it was still “cool”, though it was 85 degrees there!

I stayed overnight with the sister of one of my best camping buddies and got to visit with her and her sis; she happened to be there visiting! It was really great to spend an afternoon and evening with them.

The bed I slept in was sooo comfy! It really brought home to me how truly horrible my bed is. It’s just a very soft piece of cheap 3″ foam with 2″ memory foam on top, and an inflatable camping pad underneath it all. That pad won’t stay inflated, so I’m basically sleeping directly on plywood.  So I came home and ordered a piece of 4″ firm foam. I hated to spend the money but I really need a good night’s sleep. On this bed I wake up many times in the night. In the bed at Joanne’s, I only woke up once!! I can’t wait to get it. The bed in the house will be the same size, so it’ll work in both places.

I will be able to get the MRI done locally though, as I just switched my Medicare Advantage plan to one that costs $140 a month but covers a lot more. For instance, the co-pay for the MRI is $264. I’m going to have to repay my old Medicare plan $785 though, as they pro-rate the amount of money available to spend and I was only in the plan for 7 months but spent most of the money. It’s confusing, I know. My old plan was something new; a Medicare Savings Account. They give you $2520  in a special account with a debit card at the beginning of the year  and I had to pay all my own medical expenses out of that fund. Once that money runs out, I’d have to pay all my expenses up to $8700 out of my own pocket. Yikes! If you don’t use all the money, the balance rolls over into the next year. I thought it was a great idea back when I chose it, and I only went to the doctor once a year!!

I have been chipping away at the jobs Tyler was responsible for. We still have two strangely shaped triangle pieces of siding to go up at the top of the bump-out section, and the one in front is tricky because it meets up with part of the gable roof. It needs flashing between the two, then there’s a little tiny bit of roofing that’s not done where the two meet. I  tried a pretty bizarre way to make a template to use when cutting the siding, and it worked! I pulled off about 12′ of heavy duty aluminum foil and folded it in thirds. I pressed that into that strange triangle opening and voila! I had the impression! I just traced it onto a piece of cardboard and cut it out, did a little fine-tuning and here’s my template! Oh it’s upside-down and backwards in this photo. Naturally the back side of the house is not quite the same so I’ll have to make a new template but that sure was an easy way. Sometimes it’s good that my brain thinks differently from most people. When I told Tyler about trying that, he thought I was nuts.


I installed the deadbolt lock on the door the other day. It took forever but I got it done! I’m not very good at following written directions. I need lots of pictures. I haven’t cut the hole in the door frame where the bolt goes in just yet. Yesterday I installed the door threshold and I’m happy to report that after today’s torrential rain, the house floor is DRY! Yay!

I seem to have lots of unfinished projects. I haven’t finished painting yet because I’ve run out of paint and don’t have money to buy more this month. I have some stuff to do on the back of the house but my nifty ladder is so heavy, I haven’t felt like dragging it around to the back.

After today’s rain there was a beautiful double rainbow. It’s faded here, but look closely, it ends right on top of my tiny house!! And I really did get a pot of gold! Some of my friends from my dog show days went in together and donated some money to help with the medical expenses! What an amazing generous group of people….and I haven’t shown dogs for around 20 years. English Cocker people are the best!

Dbl Rainbow

I truly HATE asking for money. But it looks like I might be facing way more medical bills that I ever imagined, and that means house construction will come to a screeching halt. If you enjoy the blog and have ever thought about giving a little bit to show appreciation, now’s the time! There is a link at the top right that goes to Paypal. $1, $2, $5, every bit would be greatly appreciated!!



19 replies on “A Woman’s Work is Never Done”

What a wonderful and happy ending to your post. I’m so sorry to hear that you have health issues and I hope they do work out. The house is beautiful. You’ve done such a good job. It just baffles me how people can have a lack of ethics/work ethics. Had he stuck with his job, it would’ve been finished in no time and something to be proud of. You can bet that he leaves that attitude and lack of pride in everything he does and why he can’t hold a decent job.


Thanks ReneeG. Had he stuck with the job, I could have moved in two months ago!! Yes, the younger generation really puzzles me sometimes. Not only did Tyler have zero work ethic, his communication skills were also zero! He’d say he was coming the next day but then never show up or even let me know that he’d changed his mind. That kind of thing just drive me NUTS! And certainly added to the stress.


In spite of not having the help, or what help there was (!), you’re better off not having him around. I wonder sometimes about people like that. Not just work ethics that drive me nuts, or lack of them, but drug addiction or mental issues. Years back we contracted a guy to work on staining the brick on our house and adding a faux stone finish on the exposed foundation base. Jeesh, he had all the same work behavior as Tyler. Turns out he was a drug addict and he would take advance payments for material that we gave him and bought drugs, then stole the materials for our job! All the great business reviews he had that we checked on in advance were from his so called friends! He had to come and confess to us what he did when he was forced to go through drug rehab by the state. It didn’t take him long to slip back into his bad habits. Druggies are the worse because their addiction is so strong they will stop at nothing to get the next fix. Thank God you are alright. Just be aware and alert that he doesn’t come around to steal something if that it his problem.

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ReneeG…it won’t let me Reply to your last comment but yes, I do think Tyler may have some kind of substance abuse problem. I’m SURE one of the helpers he brought was a meth-head; he never shut up and was batshit crazy!


I think you deserve to be a Miss Cranky Pants. You have faced so many difficult adventures. It is totally amazing to me how you stay as positive as you do. House looks great. I just feel that is it is a little concerning that you are doing all this work after having a stroke. Damn that Tyler. Please listen to what your doctor says. Does he know you are doing the work? You probably need a speech therapist to help you fix your speech. Maybe you could ask your doctor what type of exercises they have you do. I am thinking of you.


Gee thanks for the kind words, Cathy! The stroke happened some time in the past,, so I already worked through it! We don’t know when. It was very small (lesion the size of a pea) and is not in the right location to have anything to do with the speech problem, which has mostly cleared up on it’s own. My doctor knows I’m building, and he always asks for photos. He always says he likes the pink and the little gothic window. I told him I wanted to change the window because it’s not in proper proportion to the house (too narrow) and he tells me I’m overruled; I have to keep it!
I’m a little OCD about proportions and while I love the window, I wince a little inside every time I look at it., LOL.


Your Gingerbread trim is so adorable on the house and because of that window! LOL But I can understand your feelings on things not quite what you want it to be. I think all this stress is what is giving you these medical issues and I will tell you even though you don’t want to hear it …..Take yourself a break. I know you want more done before you get in it but maybe at least to sleep in there on your new mattress my help some.

This month has hit me hard for money too. Motor for A/C fan died can live down here without something more than just fans, then electrci bill tripled. I had to cancel a apt with gastr Dr. because I couldn’t afford the co pay. This month is going to be another tight one. So I still don’t know if I will get up there before the snow comes :(.

Please take it easy for a while.


Oh Jo, so sorry to hear of your problems. You and I are in the same leaky boat, LOL! Hope things get better soon. I really don’t work that hard…a couple hours in the morning, and then sometimes, like today, I go back out for awhile. Today’s high is only 83 but it feels humid so I ended up soaked with sweat, and I absolutely HATE to sweat, but I did get some good work done. But usually I lay around WAY more than I work.


I follow what you are doing, but have never written, and I am so impressed at what you are doing! You are amazing! I can’t wait for you to move in and be able to relax. I would have no idea what to do or how to build something….very impressive!


Have you thought about checking to see if there’s a community group or church group that would volunteer to help you finish your house?


Janis, I have followed your blog since your move to Equador! Your house is great. Keep working on it at your own pace and make it exactly what you want it to be no matter how long it takes!! Sent a few $$$ via paypal. Use however needed!

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