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We’re IN!

Yes! Janis and Roxie are Home at last!! We moved in on Dec. 29 after a very cold night in the camper. The low was 9° and even with the heater and stove burner running all night, it was still quite cold in the camper. I think the heater is not putting out as much heat as it’s supposed to. Anyway, that very day we moved over to the house, as it was going to be 9° again the following night. I have a Buddy heater in the house and it’s doing a great job! I was nice and toasty; even a little too hot at times. I had to keep it on Low. I’m surprised that with these 11.5′ high ceilings, it’s so easy to heat. I thought I’d have to rig up a lower ceiling with canvas drop cloths or something.

Here it is on our very first night. What a joy to finally see it occupied and the lights on! Please excuse the “rope” coming down; it’s the Christmas garland that got blown off. I need a ladder to get it down and right now they are snowbound.


Our Christmas was very low key as usual. Stayed home and had leftovers for dinner…just another day in Paradise. Really! The name of our subdivision is “Show Low Paradise”!

I got Roxie a new dog bed for Christmas, bigger than her normal size and quite cushy. It was on sale for just $8. Well she HATED it. She never used it and insisted on sleeping on the icy cold floor, so I finally brought her old grubby bed back in and she climbed right in  immediately and acted like “Ahhh…at last I can sleep again!!” Oh well, I tried.

In November I applied for energy assistance from NACOG (Northern Arizona Council of Governments). Based on my income (or lack thereof) I got an $800 propane credit! I must go to one certain propane seller in Show Low to refill, and they just take it off my account. Wow, that sure helps! I’m pretty sure I won’t use that much but it’s good to have it. I bought a used 30# propane tank from them too, and that came out of the $800 credit.

My friend Jeff has a propane heater about the same BTU’s as mine and he uses a 30# tank every 6 days. He’s heating a smaller space with less insulation so I’m thinking my usage will be about the same. That’s going to be a pain since I only have one 30# tank and one spare 20# tank, as it’s 25 miles to town to refill them. I’m hoping to find another used 30# tank soon

I’ve had the heater sitting on the floor but yesterday we had a near-calamity; I was working at the kitchen counter and Roxie was standing next to me fussing about something-or-other. I didn’t pay much attention until I smelled the horrible burning hair stench.  Roxie was standing right in front of the heater and almost became a fireball! As it is she just scorched some chest hair but it was pretty scary. I’ve put the heater up on a small table now so she’s not in danger. It makes the floors a little colder but that’s OK. I wish I had a place where I could mount it on the wall but I can’t find anywhere.



I have only moved a few things over but still am already out of storage space. I  need lots of shelves! Yesterday I used some 16′ wide boards I got at ReStore for $2 to make a kitchen counter. I think I made it too tall. The camper’s countertops are way low and I couldn’t remember the proper height so I made it 36″ high and it seems high. Oh well, it’ll be fine. Supposedly it won’t be permanent (famous last words). Here is the kitchen Before and After. Those white boards are what I used.

Kitchen Before. Stove it sitting on an ice chest.


Kitchen After

Here’s my bed when folded down from the wall. I have not yet brought the good mattress over from the camper; this is the old camper mattress with two 1″ memory foam pads on top and a 3″ thick inflatable camping pad underneath. It’s really comfy but that 3″ pad is too thick; it won’t allow me to fold the bed back up to the wall. The camper has a 1″ inflatable pad and I guess I’ll have to use that. I hope that will solve the problem! I use a little stepladder to get up there and it’s pretty easy.  It’s 42″ high.


Here’s the space with the bed folded up against the wall. The underside of the bed will eventually have nice horizontal pine paneling on it & so will the wall, so it should all blend together and look more built-in..


And here’s the bathroom, still with peekaboo walls!


Today I hope to get some shelving up on the kitchen and bathroom walls both. I also have an Ikea hanging rail system to install. But I MUST go to town first! I haven’t gone grocery shopping since Dec. 18! First I didn’t have any money and then since I got more money, we’ve had snow and yucky roads. Even the people with 4 wheel drive haven’t been going out!  The paved roads are fine but our subdivision roads have packed ice and are really slick. I’m hoping today the “bad” hill will have melted enough for me to get out and back in safely. Otherwise I’ll be eating 3 meals a day of tuna fish and green beans.





20 replies on “We’re IN!”

Wow, what a great place you have now! I am very impressed with your home and property, and am amazed at how little you spent for it all. I know you worked hard and went through a lot to find it, and make it what it is, that makes finally moving in all the more precious, doesn’t it? Great job, Congratulations and Happy New Year!


Congratulations! You will be starting the New Year on a high note. I have enjoyed following your adventure. You have a great start for January. I admire your work ethic and what you have accomplished as a single woman. There are not many who could do what you have done. I look forward to more updates..


What a great way to start the New Year, your place is looking good. I’m so happy it’s warm enough to. I knew it would be with that great insulation job. And it looks so warm and cozy from the outside. Are there more lots left out there? I forgot to ask you in the e mail I guess I can look it up now that you mentioned what its called.


Thanks Jo! Yes, there are always lots for sale here and also in the subdivision right next door, which I think is Show Low Pines #2. (not sure, there are about 10 Show Low Pines) They are huge!! Maybe 2020 will be your year to come on up and look around.


All that hard work has certainly paid off. Congratulations to you and Roxy on your new home!
Glad to read you are warm and cozy inside; must feel good to be able to finally move in after all the work.
Happy New Year!


Thanks Tom & Deb! It does feel good to move in, though now I have tons MORE work to do. I really should have waited until more of the interior work was done; now I have to work around my stuff and try to not make a huge mess of it! But I’m very glad to be in at last.


I read vlogs about tiny living for ideas. thought you might enjoy this one:  Yahoo – login

| | | | Yahoo – login






YAY! In your little house and staying warm!
I am so impressed with everything you have done already. 🙂
Is that $800 credit just for this year, or does it roll over to the next year? If it doesn’t roll over, I’d consider going ahead and getting another tank.


Gee Robin, I don’t know if the propane credit rolls over or not. But I know I can get more next year. You’re right; I’ve already decided I do need an additional tank!


Such a cute little house! I’m so glad you and your kids are able to be warm now! Propane is my favorite heat – for some reason it seems cozier than electric, maybe it’s my imagination! You’ve gotten so much done – you are amazing!


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