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First Snow?

Yikes, I’m not ready for snow yet! But the forecast calls for snow on Monday and Tuesday. They don’t say if there’s to be any accumulation. We are having a huge dip in the temperatures starting Sunday….high 50, low 22-28 for the next few days! And I still don’t have heat. (Come on, Stimulus!!!) I’ll be a popsicle in the mornings! Last year we had our first snow on October 6, so we did get a bonus few weeks of really fine weather.

Roxie is not spending any time under the house any more, she’s mostly in the house in her little bed. I think she’s starting to feel her age (13).

I mentioned a couple posts ago that I thought I might have Shingles. Yeah…no. After a couple miserable weeks waiting for the homeopathic to make it go away, I went to my doctor and got the shingles anti-viral meds. I took them for 10 days and it didn’t make a bit of difference, so it’s not shingles, even though the symptoms are exactly the same except no rash and no itching. But that area on my side and under my bra line is incredibly sensitive, constantly burns like fire and then there are terrible stabbing pains from time to time. I read that Shingles can cause “pins and needles” sensation. No, this is more like sabers and swords! It’s something called Idiopathic Neuropathy, which simply means they don’t know WHAT the heck is causing it. It’s been nearly 3 months now and I’m soooo tired of it! Earlier this week we tried Lidocaine injections, in case it was an entrapped nerve. I did get 5 hours of numbness which was heavenly, but it was not a permanent fix. I cried and cried. Now I’ve been referred to a doctor who does EMG testing (Electromyography). It sends electric current through the nerves to see if there are blockages or damage. If so, it could take surgery to resolve it. A friend got Shingles a couple weeks ago, started taking the anti-viral and started feeling much better right away. I tried not to hate her. I’ll bet I’m the only person on earth who WISHES she had Shingles!! The homeopathic is the only thing that even touches the pain, and it’s very expensive…$16 for one ounce! So I try to only use it at night so I can sleep a bit.

I know I’m constantly complaining about critters eating anything green around here. But I never thought they’d eat a cactus!! Pretty sad when I can’t even keep a cactus from getting eaten! All hope is lost for a garden.

I have a large packrat nest under my 275 gallon water tank. I looked the other day and there are some clothespins, sponges and other doodads I’ve left outside. I stole back the clothespins.

Last week I washed a third of my car! (Just one side) Since I don’t have running water, I used a small amount of water in a pot to wash, and rinsed it by tossing little 5 oz. Dixie cups of clean water at it. I got tired after that one side and never got back to it, but boy, that one side looks really good! I am SO not a car-washer….that’s the first time I’ve done it in three years. Maybe I’ll get up the energy to wash the other side soon. Then again, maybe not.

I have not been able to go camping yet. I’m very disappointed but some unexpected expenses came up so I didn’t have money to spend on extra gas. But I’m planning a good trip in late November or early December, unexpected expenses notwithstanding! Not far, just barely inside Nevada (camping on Lake Mojave) and then down to Parker (The Desert Bar!) and camping on the Colorado River in Ehrenberg, AZ. I hope it’s not too cold by then but those areas are much warmer than here.


6 replies on “First Snow?”

I sure hope they find out what you have and can get rid of it without surgery.
Snow sounds OK from this side of AZ.

To bad something keeps eating your plants. Could be the pack rat, javelina or rabbits.

Sure hope you get some heat soon or just head out on a camping trip.


Thanks Jo. I assume you mean you’d like the moisture from snow? Yeah we are in severe drought here too. Even though I have to buy water, I dog a hole between two of my cedar trees near the house and I dump about a gallon of water in there every day. I don’t know if it actually helps but I’d sure hate to lose those trees, I need them desperately for summer afternoon shade! But I have appointments 30 miles away on both Tues. and We’d. so I hope the roads won’t be slippery. Otherwise I’d say “bring it on”! I’m not sure if we have Javalinas here, I’ve sure never seen one.


Hi Janis – I had the same painful thing earlier this year in the same area. It was not shingles (but sure felt like it) and was too painful and sensitive to touch. After about 4 months it mostly resolved and slowly went away but it sure took a while. Hang in there!


Gee, I hope you soon manage to get some way to stay warm at night. I am really not expecting another stimulus check until after the election, if at all.Do you have much access to news? From what I see those involved cannot agree with or work with each other, so we may not get checks.Wishing all the best for you and sweet Roxie.- Mary


Mary, I do think there will be another Stimulus, but who knows when?!! As you say, neither side will give an inch at the moment. I don’t haveTV reception so I don’t get much news, but that’s OK, it’s usually all bad!


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