Finally, a porch!

Still not quite done yet, but I’m so excited about how the new porch looks so far! I need to finish the top rail (ran out of 1×4) and to be honest, it’s only painted on the front side, everything else is still raw wood! I also need to do the flooring, the plywood here is just temporary. Once I get the floor done I can build the side railings.

I’ve been storing a cute old chair that I got for $5 at a thrift shop. I’m trying to decide if I should leave it that color, or paint it pink. I don’t want TOO much pink! In spring I’ll try planting some flowers in a big bowl on the seat, see if the mice will allow them to grow.


12 replies on “Finally, a porch!”

OH I love the porch it is adorable and makes the house look a bit bigger. It is all coming together with the dream you had.


What a difference the porch makes,Wow,I luv it,good job!It’s so nice to get news from you, I hope you and Roxie are doing great.


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