Change of Plans

Well in light of all the strange things going on in the world right now, after much agonizing deliberation I’ve decided to postpone my move to Albania. I am still second-guessing myself but I guess playing it safe is a rational plan. But I am really really sad and disappointed. I had this whole new life planned out, and to change those plans is costly. I gave away and donated so many things that now I want back, and I will lose money on some Airbnb reservations that are non-cancellable. Some folks have said to try and change their mind but it would be different if Albania was at war. It’s not! There’s no way Airbnb is going to refund everyone who decides Europe is not where they want to be right now.

The kicker that helped me make the final decision was that the prime minister announced that there could be power shortages because they buy some resources from Russia. I noticed complaints from the Facebook groups about 5-6 power outages a day now…..coincidence? Hey if I’m going to be without power, it’s gonna be right here where I’m all set up for living off-grid, not in some all-electric city apartment!

I was having trouble making ends meet when I made the decision to move in October and now it’s way worse, the costs of food and gas in particular. Now it costs nearly $14 for one trip to town and back. It used to cost $8, which I thought was bad enough!

The thought of having to be here in this hot box for another summer is really depressing too. If the war in Europe drags out til summer I am considering spending $250 for a flight to Detroit so I can couch-surf at friends’ homes and soak up their air conditioning for a month or so! Surely no one would get too sick of me if I just spent 3 or 4 days at a time at their house? The big drawback I see to that is my weird eating habits now. I’m pretty sure my friends would not be shelling out extra money so I can eat my organic, gluten-free, sugar-free, packaged food-free diet.

The other alternative would be to take off in the camper again to higher elevations in New Mexico or Colorado. But most of the places where the free campsites are do not have easy access to organic foods either, plus it could be way too expensive if the gas prices continue to rise.

So……there are lots of things up in the air right now. I so like to have my ducks all in a row, and it’s just not possible at present.

I had donated so many of my clothes to the Concho thrift shop and threw a lot away, I decided I was going to need some back! So I went and found four shirts and a pair of cropped pants that I’d just donated last week, and luck was with me; it was Fill A Bag for $3 day! Yay. Most of the clothes I have left that I was going to take with me are “good” clothes, not “play” clothes. Working around here I get things stained and filthy so now I need more crappy clothes. Sigh.


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Hey Janice! I know this was a really tough thing to have to swallow, and change is difficult. You had such high hopes and to have Putin ruin all of those really stinks. Something you might want to consider is that flights here to Ecuador on Spirit airlines are pretty cheap. You’re more than welcome to come stay with Paul and I, we have tons of room, and it would be private for you. You could come and go as you please, you don’t have to hang out with us, and things are still relatively inexpensive here. Besides, there’s plenty of organic, gluten-free, pesticide free, prepackaged free foods. Just a thought, figured I’d put it out there and you can decide for yourself. Remember that our seasons are opposite here, and the la Nina phenomenon has kept the weather fairly cool. Anyhow, you are more than welcome to come, anytime, for any length of time. Just let me know!


you can spend some time at our house! We have A/C. And I am on keto :-). Check out Eat Like A Bear on FB. I have lost 18 lbs since Jan. 10, am loving it. Intermittent fasting is the key! And finally made it to onederland!!!!!


So sorry for your failed plan. I know how much you wanted to make this change in your life. I see you have some great friends offering you a place to get out of the heat at least. Hope you can make something work out for you.


Great way to pivot. I had at first thought that you should not give up your Albania plans but now see that Europe is going to be a mess for a long time to come. Glad that your friend extended the offer!!


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