More Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

What’s on the schedule for today? Would you believe buying an airline ticket to Ecuador? Yeah, no kidding, try to keep up!

A friend invited me to come back to Ecuador (where I lived from 2013-2015) and stay in guest quarters at their lovely home overlooking the ocean! It’s near Salinas, about two hours SW of Guayaquil. It sounded like a great way to escape the summer heat here in no-air-conditioning-land. So I gave it a lot of thought and about five minutes later bought a ticket for June 8 – August 8!

The ticket cost is easily offset by not having to buy car gas for two months (a major investment these days!) and by the 75% reduced food costs. Ecuador is gmo-free like Albania, and most of the farmers can’t afford chemical fertilizer so the produce is naturally organic, and super cheap!

I’m so excited about having air conditioning plus having the use of a big swimming pool, and the opportunity to walk on the beach! Even though it will be winter there, it’s still fairly hot but I think I’ll tolerate it better now that I’m skinny, plus my knees don’t hurt anymore so the walking should actually be enjoyable, not an excruciating chore.

A number of my Ecuador friends have moved back to the US or Canada but I’m looking forward to reconnecting with the ones still there. Right now the only human I ever speak to is my doctor and that fairly infrequently. And even extreme introverts need SOME human contact! So that aspect is also welcome.

Are y’all crazy jealous yet?!


6 replies on “More Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!”

I’m so happy for you Janis! At least you will be out of the worst part of the heat here. What a wonder friends you have there!


I am catching up. First I read you had to change your plans about Albania…:) and then I read you were going to Ecuador for a visit…:) Life is full of wonderful twists and turns. Enjoy…enjoy…enjoy!!! Tom and Deb


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