The Critters at Casa Blanca

There’s no shortage of pets here if I’m feeling like companionship! The friendliest is my new best friend “Destiny” who is actually over-friendly, if there is such a designation. She lets herself in and out of my casita at will and is an “in your face” kinda gal.

Studiously ignoring this mouse!

There are seven other cats here and I’m really not sure if I’ve seen them all yet. Then there are the four dogs, three of them street dogs that were rescued from certain death and cured of all their ills with the loving care of Dodie and Randy.

This is sweet little Bella, the matriarch. She’s poodle and Shih Tzu. Mild and mellow is Ms. Bella!

Bones….notice the split nose? There are only three breeds in the world that have a split nose! He is probably descended from the Spanish Pachōn Navarro, though it’s pretty amazing that a “Heinz 57” street dog would still carry this unique trait! I had never heard of this, have you? Bones is large but very friendly and will stick his nose under my hand and flip it up when he needs some petting.

Here’s a better picture of a split nosed dog, this is a Turkish breed.

Then there’s Keeper, who came to them as a small puppy who was skeletal, diseased and unable to walk. Randy did physical therapy with him in the pool every day, and now he’s a medium-large healthy, active dog! A little intense at times but he likes me. We hang out together on my sofa a lot.

The most recent addition is Dulce, which means “sweet” in Spanish. She hasn’t been here long. She was hit by a car and has some hip problems and one hind foot looks like it was nearly detached and sewn back on! There’s nerve damage, as she’ll drag her toes when she’s tired or after a short romp. She’s very timid and startles easily but is learning to play, go up stairs, and accept loving. She really is aptly named; she’s really a sweetheart.


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