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Old Town Vlorë

On Saturday a group of six entrepid explorers took a wonderful guided tour of Old Town Vlorë and the bazaar. It was led by our young expat friend Travis (age 32) who is a darling boy, with huge dimples…I want to adopt him!

L to R Vincent, Catherine, me, RJ, Dewayne and Travis

Travis walks 10+ miles every day so he knows where everything is, and since he’s on a strict budget here, the locations of all the best and cheapest cafes and restaurants.

Interesting story he told….he befriended a street dog and somehow got distracted and left behind his bag with about $300 of Airpods and other electronics on the beach. He went back the next day and it was still there where he left it! I’ve heard others say they had similar experiences here in Albania. Would that happen in your town?

We walked to Old Town and Travis showed us some of the really old buildings

Muradie Mosque built in 1537

He took us to a really cool little coffeeshop, Committee Cafe, where we sat in an enclosed patio full of banana trees and other lush vegetation

This was a whole wall of twigs inside the coffeeshop!

In the ladies’ room was this weird hole in the floor, which I think was an ancient toilet. Thank goodness it also had a modern toilet (though it had no seat)

These are some of the pretty little shops in Old Town, though I guess most of them are only open in summer.


And some ancient artifacts, just laying around. Vlorë was founded in the 6th century BC!

We ended up walking through the bazaar area which goes along several streets but it was late and most were all packed up already.

So we headed back to our starting point and Travis took us to a little tiny restaurant where we got roasted pork sandwiches that came with French fries, a little salad and some yogurt-cucumber sauce for around $2! But it was all tucked into a pita together. I don’t think I’ve ever seen french fries in a sandwich! Travis ordered me (Miss Fussy Eater) a plate with just meat and salad. There had to be close to a pound of meat there, for around $4.25 US! Vincent got a huge tray of food for 600 lek, about $5.50 US!

Vincent’s huge tray of food

RJ has a really accurate distance app and he said we walked 4.8 miles! I’m pretty sure I’ve never walked that far in my LIFE before, and I was really starting to wilt. For the last mile or so they kept telling me we were “almost there”, the big fat liars! But it was a really enjoyable day with a fun bunch, so it was well worth the mild shin splints and stiffness I’m experiencing today. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

Stephen, a crazy Canadian and me at Game Night

I’m having so much fun here! But I am very happy to be spending all day today staying home reading and recovering from yesterday’s big hike. Tomorrow I take the bus to Tirana and stay overnight at a hotel near the airport and on Tuesday I take my $46 round trip flight to Bari, Italy, returning on Wednesday.

I saw this man walking his sheep on a leash right in the middle of the city! They stopped off at this tiny patch of grass for a snack.


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Great adventures, sounds like you are settling in and have some fun companions in the city. It looks like a very interesting city.


👍🏻…..have a fun day in Italy! How are you doing with your dental work? I have been going through a lot of dental work too. I had an infection that developed in an upper rear tooth that had an old root canal. The infection nearly broke thru into the sinuses. It resulted in having that tooth extract. The infection ate away into the bone so I had to have a bone implant. I now have to wait a couple months for the bone to fill in the gap, then I will have a tooth implant. My insurance paid for most of it but declined the implant because they consider it a medical issue, not a dental one🥴. I will be checking to see if my health insurance will cover any of it. Luckily there is no pain or drainage in that tooth anymore so all I have to do is wait it out. I am struggling with some foot issues right which are the result of being on my feet all day so have been limping along for the lat 2 months. I have been to a specialist…expats of the left foot not pretty, I have severe arthritis in gel and outer edge of the foot from my toes to the heel, and have heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis)… the perfect storm. Luckily it is improving and responding to treatment. I will have a follow Dr appointment in a couple weeks, then we will see what, if anything, will be needed next. I am concerned about that arthritis and hope I can keep it in check with an anti-inflammatory diet and orthotics.

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That’s for sure…👍🏻. I have done nothing the last 2 days but will need to get up and do some much needed house cleaning this week. I haven’t been very productive over the last month and a half. Take care! ❤️

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I have been a long time lurker, enjoying your posts for years.
Thank you for sharing your tour of Vlorë. You look wonderful!! I admire your bravery traveling to other countries and the community you are developing there.
I purchased a campervan in 2019 started traveling with my dog Spock before covid hit, then resumed again in 2021. Spent 5 months exploring western U.S. in 2021, then 7 months exploring eastern U.S. in 2022. This year I will go west again, perhaps Alaska. Still have a sticks ‘n bricks but prefer living on the road. The only thing I miss is community.
Thank you for the inspiration!


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