Albania Vlore

Water Fountains

Thursday was finally a beautiful Spring day, with a high of 71°! That’s the warmest temp so far this year! I decided to take the bus to the far end of Vlorë, where I hadn’t explored at all yet. There’s a spring where people get drinking water. What a surprise…..the spring is inside a little cave, and under the highway tunnel!

In order to get water, you have to go down some steps, then walk along this narrow cement wall and then climb down into the cave. The sea comes right up into the cave!

The sea at this end of town is absolutely clear and reflects that beautiful turquoise color.

There were a couple kids diving off a big cement platform. Brrrr, that water must have been really cold!

I don’t know what this was but it looked pretty cool….a mosaic of sea stones.

And this tiny building was built right into the cliff.

Along the way I passed some beautiful tennis, basketball and soccer courts. I passed several boats that must belong to the net fishermen; they all had these big reels on the back. I think all the fish I’ve seen in the stores have been netted, as nothing is bigger than about 10″ long.

As I was almost home I heard someone calling my name! It was Leah and Steven from the Game Nights, snacking on Nutella and strawberry crepes! ($1 each). They looked really yummy. So we sat and chatted for awhile and Steven mentioned the “lion fountain”. Then I remembered that’s what people called it. I hadn’t thought about the lack of a lion where I was. Turns out there are two places to get spring water! I had walked right past the lion without noticing it. Oh well, who wants water that’s been spit out by a lion anyway, hmm?

I think these are a really great idea….I hadn’t ever seen them before coming here. It’s a tricycle with a long detachable handle on the back. The toddler can pedal or not, while the mom pushes him along. This one is a two-seater! They also have three-wheeled skateboards with handles in front for the older 3-4 year olds. They stand on the board and get towed by the parent.


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