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Balkan Inter-Folk Festival

This weekend was the Balkan Inter-Folk Festival here in Vlore. When I was walking to Game Night on Saturday there were hundreds of people gathered in the big green space next to my apartment building, with the prime minister giving a speech. Later the promenade was completely filled with the throngs of people headed back to town. I wish I could tell you more about it but you know me; I take every opportunity to avoid crowds. Here’s a short video clip though.

We played a new game this past week called King of Tokyo. It’s a dice game that also has a lot of “mean cards” that you can inflict on your fellow players. After I won the first game, the second game was chock full of Mean Cards flying my way! And since I’m about 13 years older than the next oldest person there, I’m pretty sure this was Elder Abuse at its finest. I’d never heard of any of the board games we play, but they’re always fun. Some of the others are Dixit (so far I’m undefeated!), Code Name and Love Letter.

I saw this guy strolling along as I waited for the bus this morning. Judging by the clothing, he’s GOT to be an American! An Albanian man of this age would be wearing a suit.

An American looking for Wal-Mart?

I hadn’t really noticed until a friend pointed it out, but during the day all the people hanging out at the street cafes having coffee and a smoke are men! No women. And if you click on the photo and enlarge it a bit, you can see how the typical older Albanian men dress.

My Provisional Residency was granted today! I think it’s considered Provisional until you’ve been here for five years. Until then, it must be renewed annually. Now my facilitator is preparing a document that she’ll send me in the mail (scary prospect!) And I’ll need to get an appointment with the Immigration office at the port here in Vlorë to finalize it. Yay! I was getting concerned that I wouldn’t get it until after I left for Shkoder, and that I’d end up having to take a $200 taxi ride back here to make the appointment time! They only give you one day’s notice.


4 replies on “Balkan Inter-Folk Festival”

Great news about the P.Residency,I hope and pray the rest of the process easily goes the way you want it to,-Mary


YIPPY! I hope the rest goes easier. The Fistival looks like a bit of fun. So happy you are enjoying game nights still.


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